View Full Version : Another fake GW-9300?

2012-03-02, 00:52
I may be wrong, but this looks a bit fishy to my untrained eye. What do you think?

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Casio-G-shock-watch-/260969400621?pt=UK_Jewelery_Watches_Watches_MensWa tches_GL&hash=item3cc2fd092d#ht_500wt_1287

*Edit* Just noticed that this is the same seller that Rutteger posted about earlier. Definitely a fake then! :mad:

2012-03-02, 09:17
I have just looked at this guy and reported him to eBay. He has 5 G-Shocks for sale - 4 of this model in different colourways. All are "unwanted gifts" Maybe he could put them in the Louis Vuitton bag he also has for sale.

This is an instance of blatant fraud so he needs a lot of complaints to eBay about his activities. For those who have never reported a fraudulent trader on eBay it is a simple process, I am putting a guide together on how to do it so watch this space.