View Full Version : For Sale FSOT - DW-6500, Rare (I think), gold buttons, buckle, and screws. Module 1161 $125

2012-03-06, 03:04
I just can't part with this one yet. Hello, I have recently gotten back into G's and purchased this model and while I love it...I need something more readily wearable (and a bit of money wouldn't hurt either - ). This watch is quite rare from what I'm finding out. It has Gold buttons, screws and buckle that I haven't seen in my searches. It is also a JDM piece (I think) with 20BAR on the inner bezel rather than 200m. Oh it also has module 1161. It is in about 95% condition, no boxes/papers but the manual can be found online; although I have set it and everything without one. I need either $125 via paypal, shipped in the CONUS or I will consider trades for other G's plus cash to me. I am keen on most models, but might have the tendency to want a tough solar (GW5500, GWM-5600), possibly atomic model. Send me some offers and let's see what we can do! As I said, I prefer to keep it in the CONUS, but due to everyone here being awesome-ness I will work with you folks in the UK and else where.

Thank you and God Bless,
Jason M.
PS - Sorry for the crappy pics!