View Full Version : For Sale FS - DW-6500 Skyforce in 95%+ condition. - $80 AND a DW-9052 in 99% condition. - $40

2012-03-26, 02:54
I need to sell this DW-6500 Skyforce. It is the rarer module 1161, with gold accents. The colors are red/orange, and none of the paint has worn on the bezel. Also has 20BAR rather than 200M on the inner bezel. All functions work perfectly. Asthetically speaking it is perfect all nice and clean, and one faint line on the strap from the buckle. No resin rot, no cracks, scratches, dings, dents...nothing. None of the plating has worn off of the buttons, buckle, or screws. No box/papers.

I need SOLD via paypal in the CONUS, or $90 if being shipped to the UK. I need this one gone ASAP. I will consider the best reasonable offer as well (also might be talked into a partial trade for a yellow/blue DW-5600 or a white 5600 and $50 to me).

I also have a Black/gray and red DW-9052 that is LNIB 99% worn 4-5 times. It's the standard version and it is cool but I have bills due right now. I do have the stand/box/booklet for this one.

I need SOLD via Paypal, shipped CONUS.


Thank you and God Bless,
Jason M.

2012-03-26, 03:03
you didn't think about cleaning the underside of the band up before taking the pics? no offense but i defiantly do not wanna wear some guys old dead skin. cool watch tho.

2012-03-26, 04:21
Well let's see; at the time I was taking the pics of the DW-6500 I was also in the middle of getting my daughters Ballet make-up class scheduled, the Ballet picture date and time scheduled, and on my way out the door to go and register myself for a few classes this coming up semester after taking a semester off. Oh and because Emalie's (my daughter) mother refuses to allow Emalie to participate in her ballet class (when Emalie is with her - like it is written in our agreed upon plan and Court order) I am having to pay for these make-up classes. All the while I am being cussed out for even being in Emalie's life at all, and I just have to take it and say nothing.
I ask why? Rather than send a PM and ask "what's up with that?" I get called out for something so absolutely rediculous.
Thank you.

2012-03-26, 04:55
you're welcome, i enjoy helping people. i think with my suggestions you will be able to make this sale with no problem. also, kinda odd posting a chapter from your life story on the internet.

2012-03-26, 08:32
Sounds a tricky situation.

Either way that's a great price for what looks like a DW-6500 in great condition :cool:

2012-03-27, 16:00
BUMP - DW-6500 $80 and DW-9052 $35 or $110 for the pair. Plus shipping if in UK or overseas.

2012-03-28, 02:15
DW-9052 is sold, need $80 for the DW-6500 (might part trade for a yellow/blue DW-5600 or a white 5600 and $50 to me).

2012-03-28, 15:29
BUMP - $80 to include shipping to the UK.

2017-04-17, 08:33

I am a new member of this forum and I am looking for a sparepart shell of the DW-6500.
Could you please tell me where I can ordert such a shell ?
Thank you