View Full Version : My First White G-Shock.

2011-05-15, 10:56

I am a big G-Shock fan and have a a small collection. However I have always been drawn to getting a white G-Shock but resisted the temptation.

I have mainly opted to wear stealthed / negative display G-shocks like the MIMB Gulfman and M5600BC, but a recent addition of a Orange GXW-56 propted a desire to get a bit of colour in the collection.

I did consider a Krink DW-6900, but then decided it is now time to try a White one, and went for DW-6900NB-7CR.

It is a simply amazing watch, I am very pleased with it, so I reckon I may add some more colour to the collection soon.

But if you are thinking about trying a white G-Shock, this is the one to try.




2011-05-15, 19:25
Congrats on the new addition. Looks good, and so do the pic's. Very 'Tron' like:cool:

2011-05-15, 22:15
Great choice for a white G, think everyone needs one in their collection :)
Really good pics too, the one on the keyboard is my fave.

2011-05-15, 22:19
yup people love that one!!

2011-10-11, 07:30
Really good pics too, the one on the keyboard is my fave.

Ditto! that keyboard pic is awesome!