View Full Version : What was your first G-Shock (and do you still have it?)

2011-05-20, 10:45
What was your first G-Shock?

After many years of hankering after a G-Shock (having owned loads of quartz Casios in school) finally bought a G-2500 from of all places the Orange Shop here in the UK. Pictured top left.


I still have it, although never wear it.

2011-05-21, 05:50
Mine is the GA 100A-7A. It's my beater.

Spencer Lee
2011-05-23, 09:30
Nice collection Rutteger, particularly taken by the yellow one in the middle row (is it a DW-6630B?) and the red/black GW-6900 on the same row, any details?

2011-05-23, 22:17
Cheers Spencer, that's an old picture of the collection. Quite a few (inc the two mentioned) have moved on. The yellow is indeed a DW-6630B, the red urban camo was a DW-6900 jamin' colours. Perhaps wish I hadn't flogged those two :-/