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Spencer Lee
2011-05-20, 11:28
Following on from another thread, i recently got a G-9200R Riseman 'MIRO' which had been recased by the previous owner using a 'Stealth' bezel and strap. The intention was to complete the stealth conversion using linear polarizing film to give it a negative display.

I did not realise (as a Noob to 'G's) that this edition had the 'Axe' feature on the LCD when using the EL function. I quite like it but this put me in a quandry: should i complete the change and risk losing the Axe or leave as is and wonder what it would be like?

Anyway, the present screen looks to be quite a neutral colour, sort of standard positive display. I got the polarising film out to hold over the LCD and was quite surprised by what i saw. Holding it one way made the background appear quite a distinct green colour, bordering on 'Pea' green. Turning the film 90deg, it turned quite a vibrant orange, what i would have expected to be present on a MIRO anyway.

Bearing in mind that it is quite light in the office and that i was just holding the film over the watch, not pressining it directly onto the module, i could'nt really see if there was a difference to the axe or what the EL would look like.

Changing the polarizing film is not a permanant mod so i may just have a play when i get the opportunity and post the results.

2011-05-23, 21:19
I've never done a polarising mod. However from memory you have to remove the existing polarising film on the LCD then add the new polarising film. If you've just held the polarising film over the LCD as is you will have double polarisation going in.