View Full Version : What is a guy to do?

Spencer Lee
2011-06-06, 12:57
Ok, i got a NOS DW-003 the other day, very nice condition, just needed a battery. This morning i got a new battery and fitted it. Guess what, the LCD seems to be shot. The main time screen just has the dash's for the lower part of the digits showing and this seems to be repeated on the upper read-out. The segments in the 'eye' on the upper LHS are illuminated to '50' and are not moving.

My question is this, do i need a new module (1698) and, if so, where do i source one? What sort of price would i be looking at? Any help would be gratefully received.:(

Spencer Lee
2011-06-06, 14:05
Actually, scrub that!:o Schoolboy error, i had'nt reset the module by shorting the battery to the AC contact. All is well now! DOH!:rolleyes:

2011-06-06, 14:58
Glad you sorted it - happens to the best of us ;)