View Full Version : G-Shock Codename replace buttons?

2011-06-06, 15:34
Picked up a Codename really cheaply off ebay. Just as well becasue one of the buttons is broken off, any ideas if these buttons can be replaced?



Spencer Lee
2011-06-08, 08:25
I would have thought so. The buttons do look familiar but the dimensions may be different. I'd check e-bay regularly for donor models. The actual fitment should'nt be a problem, i think it just requires the small circlips to be removed after the module is out. Is the model number DW-8800BJ-1 or maybe an 8800MM? I reckon a few models between 1996 and 1999 may have similar buttons.

Is this the version with the Morse code generator?

2011-06-09, 11:33
I'll have to take it apart and take a look. The bezel looks similar to the DW-9052, may try any snag one of these to use as a donor.