View Full Version : For Sale G-9200R Riseman MIRO 'Stealthed'

Spencer Lee
2011-06-29, 13:25
There are a couple of models in the 'Masters of G' series and this Riseman is the G-9200R MIRO version with a twist. It has been modified with a black case and strap. Gone are the bright orange originals making this a stealthy option however it still retains the 'Rescue Axe' on the back light, ideal if you want the 'Rescue' without the Orange case. In excellent condition, it is the Tough Solar edition rechargable with light sources though in all it's time with me, it's never dropped out of 'H'. Though not atomic, it retains all the functions of it's Atomic sibling such as the altimeter/barometer functions as well as all the standard stop watch/timer/world time/alarm functions. A tremendous piece and on your wrist for 65 NOW SOLD.