View Full Version : G-Shock Shame!

Spencer Lee
2011-06-29, 15:08
Just thinking out loud but are G-Shocks (and i don't really mean this in a sexist way) like ugly women?

The reason i think it is this. I listed the G-Shocks i am selling on TZ-UK last night and since then have received quite a few Pm's with regard to sales and trades, however, no-one has actually commented or expressed an interest in the thread itself. This leads me to the conclusion that G-shocks are like ugly women.......

.........they are a lot of fun but you don't want your mate to see you with one!:D

2011-06-30, 13:34
.........they are a lot of fun but you don't want your mate to see you with one!:D

:D, wondered where you were going with that ;)

TZ (as per the majority of internet watch forums) is somewhat focussed on analogue time pieces, particularly mechanical ones of a higher than avaerage quality. In this regard it's no surprise the reception to G-Shocks is somewhat lukewarm on occasion. Conversely there are probably many who would regard a G-Shock as cooler (or more desireable) than an obscure intricately crafted mechanical watch.

Spencer Lee
2011-06-30, 14:13
I agree with what you are saying but there does seem to be an appreciation of G-Shock in their right place. For instance, when Argos were selling the Atomic Solar 5600's off a couple of weeks ago on e-Bay, it started one of the longest 'I'm in' threads in 'Watch talk' i've ever seen.

yes, lots of Pm's with offers and trades but nothing on the thread!

2011-06-30, 23:03
Good point, the GW-M5600 thread was pretty long!

2011-07-14, 06:20
I think they're more like Jeeps and AK-47's. Looks don't matter. They do the job they were designed for and they will not break.