View Full Version : Removing smell from resin?

2011-07-26, 15:33
Any tips for removing smell (specifically cigarette smell) from resin? Have a hard(ish) to find band for a DW-6500 skyforce which was obviously owned previously be a smoker. Tried various things like covering in aftershave, washing etc to try and shift the smell but it still lingers. Quite a lot....

2011-07-27, 15:50
Throw it in a sealed bag with baking soda, coffee, or charcoal and let it sit in the hot sun for a day. Some people suggest spraying with chemicals, but I never trust such things to not harm the resin. Baking soda won't hurt it a bit. Coffee will make it smell like coffee, but I like that smell compared to stinky cologne or smoke.

2011-07-27, 20:20
Nice idea with the baking soda and coffee. Will give them a try :D