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2011-08-01, 12:06
I have been roaming around eBay UK over the past week or so since getting G Shock fever and am amazed that most of the Bapes on there are obviously fake yet not declared as such, with a few honourable exceptions.

How do the advertisers get away with offering "BAPE BATHING APE G-SHOCK CASIO WATCH NEW DW6900 WHITE" when at the bottom of the listing is "Water Resistant: Not for bath, shower or swimming."? Not quite up to G-Shock standards The old phrase "caveat emptor" applies, anyone expecting to get a genuine limited edition watch for 19.99 should be wary, also suspicious is that on eBay UK alone there are normally around fifty of these watches on offer

The pictures used to illustrate the listings are normally slightly out of focus and/or badly lit or show the watch and packaging in long shot so no details are easily visible:



This one starts at 9.99


The day indicator is directly under the middle "eye" - apparently an easy way to spot a fake


Day indicator between first and second eyes - a genuine Bape? 152 plus delivery from Japan
I found a useful guide to spotting fakes (fapes) on eBay itself: http://reviews.ebay.co.uk/Spot-a-Fake-Bape-G-Shock_W0QQugidZ10000000004394901
Ironically the right hand sidebar contains a selection of current Bathing Ape listings - mainly fakes!

2011-08-01, 14:02
The widespread fake Bape x G-Shock sales have pretty much killed that collaboration for me which is a shame. I do also wonder on occasion how these fakes are so prevalent on various market places...

2011-08-02, 20:29
Searching watch wholesalers I came across a perfectly legitimate operation but it is easy to see how simple it would be to subvert production from "homage" watches to fake


"Riceman" ?

Taking orders now and we can cut down on the postage costs if we ship in bulk!

2011-08-02, 22:55
There we go. Some of those homages are pretty shocking!

2011-08-06, 14:10
Someone has done well in this auction:


No questions were posted on the listing and the only picture enlarges to this:


Not a great deal of detail. I would be wary of bidding on any watch that blurred unless it was excessively cheap. I apologise to the seller if I am wrong in sensing a scam here but it has the hallmarks of a fake bape operation. The bidding looks somewhat intriguing too:


Is someone using this as a fake auction to try and push the prices up?

2011-08-06, 21:37
Bad news, that is certainly a fake pictured. Bidding look curious too....

2011-08-09, 19:16
These are excellent value! :confused:

Less than six quid each

I like the hypercomplex and this one isn't out of my price range at less than 4.50

But the best value is this "Riceman" at a fraction under three quid!

You can see the attraction for the less moral amongst us to sell these via blurred pictures on the internet. Must stress that the site I found these on is upfront about them being replicas.

2011-08-10, 09:38
Obviously pretty easy to find this sort of thing. Upfront about being fakes or not I'm sure Casio are still not super pleased about it :eek:

2011-08-10, 19:41
Some of the fakes are more expensive than the real thing!


But even though it is $215 against the 50 I paid for mine (about $80) shipped from Hong Kong it certainly looks the part. Could almost be a Casio product shot couldn't it ... ?
There is a really good 30% discount too for using Western Union which is a great way to pay - the buyer pays the charges, the seller gets the money and there is no dispute resolution or comeback when the product you get (if it really exists) differs markedly from the illustration.

I have a genuine (I hope) Mudman for only $150 plus shipping Paypal or bank transfer accepted!


Or you could try watchesdeals on eBay.co.uk to see get one for the $80 I paid

2011-08-11, 12:22
That is curious indeed! Seems to be an entire world of fakes, homages and forgeries most are unaware of. Stumbled upon a 'homage' site for high end mechanical watches a while ago, some pretty detailed stuff going on there...

2011-08-11, 16:22
Some of the high end fakes (marketed as replicas) are very good indeed and have reasonable mechanisms, often the industry standard Valjoux 7700 or a clone, that justify a maybe 200-500 price tag. When the original may be many thousands of pounds it makes some kind of sense, if you like the style, to buy a quality replica.

Here is what swissreplica.co.uk have to say about their replicas / homages / sextons / fakes:

There are 4 main types of replica watches on the worldwide market.

1. Standard Japanese Movement (119.95 to 149.95) – most common affordable replicas, standard quality, good enough for day-to-day use, hard to tell the difference between replica and original. Please note that we only sell standard replicas with Japanese movement. Many other shops offer similar watches at a lower price but with Chinese movement. Watches that come with Chinese movement usually do not keep good time and can break down very fast. For these reasons we only use reliable Japanese movement on our replicas and offer 1 year warranty.

2. AAA Japanese Movement (169.95 to 249.95)– slightly more expensive compared to standard replicas. These are improved quality replicas with stronger construction and more attention to details. AAA replicas also use reliable Japanese movement. Usually more complicated watches come in AAA quality in order to make them as realistic as possible. AAA replicas is for those who wants watch to look as realistic as possible but does not require to have a sophisticated Swiss movement

3. Swiss Movement (250 to 400) – this type of replica watches is also known as Grade 1 replicas, AAAA replicas, Top Grade replicas. These are 100% exact replicas made using the best possible materials. They are manufactured in the most advanced factories in Asia by highly qualified specialists and use Swiss movement that is exactly the same as used on original watches. Production is established by specialists who were previously involved in production of original watches. Even a qualified watch repair specialist will have a hard time establishing if such watch is a replica or original.

4. Chinese Replicas (prices under 100) – We DO NOT sell this type of replicas. This type of replica watches is the most common and is offered by hundreds of internet shops. Such replicas are 100% Chinese made including all parts and the actual watch movement. Purpose of these watches is to look good but cost as little as possible. As a result the cheapest materials are used and low attention is paid to the quality of production. There is no great attention to the details and such replica can be spotted quite easily. Main disadvantages of Asian replicas are low quality, low attention to details and poor time accuracy.


Replica watches that come with Japanese movement use good quality parts and offer good time accuracy. There are quartz (battery operated) versions and Automatic (self winding) watches that wind automatically as you shake your hand during day to day use.


We have already explained what makes Swiss Replicas better on the outside. Now it is time to look at what’s inside. Top Grade replicas use SWISS made Valjoux / ETA Movement, exactly the same as original watches use.


Time accuracy – your watch will keep time well

Reliability – Swiss movement will last you a long time and won’t cause any problems

Functionality – unlike cheap Asian replicas Top Grade watches have a fully working chronograph, day/date functions, power reserve etc. All features are 100% fully working

Power reserve – quality Swiss movement ensures that you watch won’t stop. It winds automatically while you are wearing it. Cheap Asian replicas often require manual winding


All replica watches are made in China, there is no other place in the world that produces them. Producing replica watches in EU would simply bring their cost close to original. If you see a retailer claiming that their replicas are Swiss or EU made you should avoid making a purchase. Most likely you will be sent the cheapest possible replica of a very poor quality.

There are various types of replicas, we only sell good quality versions that are manufactured in clean factories by qualified staff and are designed to look and feel like original.

Our products represent true value for money. They are more expensive compared to Asian replicas, however the difference in quality and authenticity is huge! Combined with our 1 year warranty and after warranty care you will definitely be satisfied with your purchase.

If you need any further advise, please contact us: sales@swissreplica.co.uk

They have a Graham Oversize Chronofighter rep available for a cool 400:


The real Grahams retail for somewhat more:


www.jurawatches.co.uk if you want to see the full range and buy one ...

2011-08-11, 20:32
What on earth! However they dress it up surely that's illegal?

Either way I'd sooner have a pukka G-Shock, Seiko, Citizen or whatever rather than a knock off.

2011-08-15, 20:20
Someone has just beaten 21 other bids to secure this beauty on eBay - only 52


It is 16 less than the cheapest I found a G-Shock GA-100 being retailed after an admittedly cursory net search

And it is several letters of the alphabet better than a G-Shock ...


To give the vendor a modicum of credit the watch is described as RETRO CASIO G-SHOCK STYLE DIGITAL DISPLAY WRISTWATCH and looking at the listing the watch is given its correct make and model - ANIKE AK1055. These are available for 9 US Dollars from China, including postage, quantity discounts available.

2011-08-16, 09:59
That's a shame. Some poor individual has wasted 52 on tat. Hey ho.

2011-08-27, 20:03
This sold for 60 just now on eBay. Seller has 7 feedback and no previous for selling G-Shocks. Now has several more "GA-100s" for sale. More disturbingly he has purchased a Hublot watch box and certificate for 100 quid and a Hublot Big Bang Manchester United watch in a cheap box for around the same price. Got a bargain there - the watch retails at around 15,000 dollars. Big scam coming?


2011-08-27, 21:28
I have just spent a fun and informative half hour playing "spot the fake" and then scrolling down to check if I am right. It's a page with over a thousand comments below the article - the poor guy has made a rod for his own back and is deluged with requests to authenticate various watches. But it's an excellent resource.


2011-08-27, 23:24
The fake GA-100s seem to be on the up currently, sure quite a few will get burnt.

Some awful fakes on show on that mygshock page...