View Full Version : Do you take your G-Shock off to take a bath or shower?

2011-08-02, 12:25
I take mine off. Though I have proved the toughness and water resistance of a DW 6600 at depths up to 40metres whilst scrabbling around wrecks I always take my watch off to have a bath. Possibly because I live in a hard water area and the combination of dissolved minerals and soap make a scum that dulls the watch and collects in crevices.

How about you?

2011-08-02, 14:25
Depends I suppose. Sometimes not, sometimes I take it off to give it a quick rinse. I've heard about soap etc. drying seals and so on but not about the dulling effect. Does this occur to resin, glass or both?

2011-08-02, 19:20
Hard water + soap + detritus from scrubbing my rancid body = film that dulls both resin and glass, polishes off glass but seems to stick to resin and collect in crevices. As many of my previous watches have been non water resistant taking a watch off before bathing is habit