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2011-08-21, 09:33
Given this question was asked in another thread thought I'd post a quick guide on how to put your G-Shock onto a fabric band (ZULU in this case) with strap adapters.

All parts I used for this conversion were purchased from http://www.broadarrow.net/maratac.htm as follows
-Casio G-Shock Watch Adapter
-ZULU 24MM Series strap

The strap adapters will not allow the use of a regular 4 ring NATO strap, hence using the ZULU fabric strap.

Anyhow fitting is quite simple.
1. Remove the spring bars and existing strap.
2. Fit the strap adapters using spring bars. From memory I had to adjust the adapters slightly with a craft knife to ensure a good fit.
3. Loop the band through adapters.
4. Job done!

The G-Shock's look good on the fabric straps imho, the approach I've taken here (which many have done before) looks really clean and stock imho. Pics below.


Backward point
2011-08-21, 18:27
Can also be used for a proper G-Lide velcro:


(The one on the right). The most comfortable watch strap I've ever worn. Not exactly discrete, though.

The watch on the left is one which I cobbled together from an old 003 with bezel rot - this model came with the strap adaptors as standard, and now resides on another velcro - again, a standard G-shock option. Both straps, and the adaptors on the 6900 came from Tiktox.

The only problem with the conversion is that the springbars are a bugger to get out. And even worse to get back in again. At least you can't see the inevitable damage when you're wearing the watch.



2011-08-22, 10:57
The strap adapters pictured do look quite clean, any idea how wide a strap they might take? Are these Casio OEM?

One benefit I found with the fabric strap is that it sits closer to the wrist than the velcro straps. Not sure why this now bothers me given I used to wear various watches (including numerous cheaper Casios) with velcro Animal straps for years.

2012-07-16, 16:34
This does look sweet. I need to buy some tools lol. I haven't worn my mtg cause I have no tools. Lol