View Full Version : Kiks TYO x G-Shock G-5500 25th Anniversary Airmax 95

2011-08-23, 21:10
Just added this one the the collection, the Kiks TYO G-5500 25th anniversary , This watch was made by Casio which collaborated with Kiks. This watch represents the Airmax 1995 color from there sneakers. This watch came in straight fom japan, the seller included a nice Kiks Tyo bag and a Kiks 2011 catalog, nice touches, the watch looks great, right now it's on medium charge , I have to put it next to my window for a bit so it can reach high. I seen an article on highsnobiety that 200 of these where released , dont know if that is fact or fiction, but glad I found this brand new in box, I love the mini shoe box, it's super cool.




2011-08-24, 14:24
Great video review and pictures as ever Mike, thanks for sharing. Did you score the watch from this Japanese ebay seller > http://www.ebay.com/itm/CASIO-G-Shock-KIKS-TYO-5500-25th-Neon-Air-Max-95-Green-/250875242700?pt=Wristwatches&hash=item3a695468cc#ht_3177wt_1139, quite tempting at that price for a really sharp collaboration.

2011-08-24, 20:43
John, yes I did, he shipped super quick and everything was perfect, no dents on the box, A 1

2011-08-24, 22:14
John, yes I did, he shipped super quick and everything was perfect, no dents on the box, A 1

That is quick. Great looking collab, shame I'm not looking to buy and Gs for a few weeks :-/

2011-08-29, 14:49
Check out the back Light on this bad boy :)


2011-08-29, 20:03
I'd not seen the EL before...that does indeed rule :cool:

2011-08-30, 12:12
It really needs two backlight settings - one so you can read the time and one to show the logo alone! Nice to know that you are pleased with it, always a worry when you have laid out money as to whether the contents of the package live up to expectations.

2011-08-30, 13:00
Time shows fine :)