View Full Version : Heads up - DGK King G-shock on Amazon for 120 delivered!

2011-09-10, 23:12
Just purchased a GX-56DGK for 120 including delivery via Amazon. Sold out 5 watches in less than an hour.

2011-09-11, 19:51
Looks like special editions go really fast nowadays (and then turn up on eBay a few weeks later for twice the price). Nice looking watch from the manufacturer's pictures, hope to see yours in the WRUW thread shortly so as to see it in / on the flesh.

2011-09-11, 22:36
The DGK will be my third 'King' G-Shock :p

They are my favourite G's and get a lot of wrist time. I have the atomic black / gold and the positive display versions. I never considered the DGK because of my preference for the more stealthy colours but at the price advertised on Amazon, I couldn't say no.

Photos will follow soon :very_drunk: