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2011-09-14, 01:39
I've heard and read so many negative comments on the Solar charging G-shocks, and would love to have G-Shock that updates it time from atomic time signals. Does Casio make a "Atomic Only" G-Shock?

2011-09-14, 09:31
What problems have you heard about solar?

I have just done a quick search and found that atomic and solar tend to be twinned, like bacon and eggs. The advantage of solar is that you won't be facing a dead battery in a couple of years with two choices - entrust the change to a dealer or the manufacturer which is a costly process and has been known to go disastrously wrong (http://forums.watchuseek.com/f17/absolutely-fuming-casio-uk-586590.html)or do it yourself which is easy enough on a normal G-Shock with the right tools but I'm not so certain on doing it on an atomic with its flimsy aerial.

Solar needs light to remain charged and has an indicator to show level of charge. Unless you are a night worker who always wears long sleeved shirts and never looks at the watch to check time or charge level then keeping the battery at medium or high isn't a difficulty. A couple of sunny summer days wearing the watch with T or short sleeved shirts will give enough of a charge to see you through a British winter with the watch hidden under several layers of clothing.

You can, with a couple of modifications, set up a solar to use a normal CR-2016 battery (http://forums.watchuseek.com/f17/convert-non-solar-586800.html) if you really want - should you find a second-hand watch with problems for instance.

And thanks for giving me an excuse to go trawling around sales sites - yet more watches added to my wish list! :ambivalence:

2011-09-14, 14:31
I have a Casio WV200-A, which is not a G-Shock model but is Atomic only, and runs on a battery. It's a great watch and it sync's on every night when I put it in my window.


2011-09-14, 20:31
I think on the whole the atomic solar are pretty good. Reckon about half of mine are solar and only had issue with two. One was the G-5600 which seems pretty renowned for issues, this came with a normal (ie non-rechargeable) battery fitted, when this died replaced with a rechargeable but it wouldn't charge it - assume something is amiss so popped in a regular cell. The other was a GW-9200 riseman, the rechargeable battery died, replaced without issue.

Interesting to see a non solar atomic model. Always assumed (perhaps wrongly) the atomic watches were solar due to the drain on the battery from the atomic sync.