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2011-09-14, 22:16
Hey folks I am brand new to the forum and I am looking for suggestions/advice. I want to buy an army green g shock...used or new but I am not sure I am aware of the models/options. I like watches on the larger size. solar and atomic would be preferred. thanks in advance.

So far I know of these 2...


2011-09-15, 10:58
Quite a few available to you.

As mentioned

G-Shock GD-100MS-3




You could also consider

G-Shock G-9000-3V 'Mudman'


G-Shock G-8000-3V


G-Shock G-5600A-3


You might also consider one of the many camoflague (or python) print G-Shocks out there.

2011-09-16, 11:30
Then there is this version of the 7900 the GW-7900MS-3ER which ticks the solar/atomic boxes. Nicer display than the non atomic/solar G-7900 in my opinion, easy to read. Fairly subdued green backlight. I may be wrong but I think these may be going out-of-stock soon, only a couple of listings on eBay and nothing on Amazon. TikTox still have some (http://www.tiktox.com/gw7900ms3er-p-2315.php)


AAARGH! It's ORANGE! I specified a military watch!

It is certainly orange, in the same way as the USAF bomber jackets used to be, olive on the outside and rescue orange inside. This is the same, the orange is quite unobtrusive in wear. Not sure that reversing the strap and waving it at passing planes or ships will attract much attention though.

This is it on the wrist:


Difficult to capture the nice olive colour of the watch and band. The orange lettering isn't necessarily that obtrusive especially in a temperate zone, you will notice the orange/brown of the German camo material behind. The only problem is the reflectivity of the crystal but that is common to all watches unless they have a cover.


If you do a little bit of Googling on this model you will find that Sjors is a fan and has a brilliantly illustrated piece on the watch (http://50-gs.blogspot.com/2011/07/g-shock-27-radio-controled-m-spec.html) - well worth a read.

2011-09-18, 19:57
Wow. Thanks for the tip on that one. I like the army green with orange. Gotta read the review...then hunt one down. cheers.

2011-09-18, 20:03
I am searching this watch online and I only see it in Black/Orange. Yours is Army Green/Orange, right?

2011-09-18, 20:16
Strike my last. Found it. Bought it! Stoked. :-)

2011-09-18, 20:23
It's not easy to accurately show the colour on screen but these are a dark military green, not black. I wasn't expecting the strap to be the same green eiother, that came as a pleasant surprise. The screen is obviously not a negative screen which may be a minus point for some but it is great for me, I wear glasses for reading so some watch faces are not the easiest to read - another reason why I am comfortable with analogue - but this watch seems very legible with or without glasses. It is the favourite out of my 30 watches so far, so favourite that I am only picking it up every couple of hours, admiring it and putting it back in the tin. I wil get round to wearing it soon but both my work and leisure activities tend to wreck watches as surely as rubbing them against a brick wall!