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2011-09-20, 17:53
Working today but not doing too much in the way of watch bashing activity so I thought I would give this DW-6900H-4 an airing. Bought recently from lowtech on WUS. Had it been eBay then feedback would have been 5 stars in all aspects. A pleasant, friendly guy to deal with who packs with care and posts promptly, keeping you informed of progress - what more could you want?

He also deals on eBay as motorradt.westphal and strangely enough I bid on and won one his items almost at the same time as buying the DW. Neither of us realised that we were each dealing with the same person until the first watch had been posted.

I am still not sure about the triple-eyed-monster (this is my first DW-6900), preferring the DW-6600 - possibly because it was my first ever G-Shock, bought for diving around 1997. But the 6900 felt good on the wrist all day, the red resin bringing a touch of colour and cheer to a dull day. The strap bears the legend "G-SHOCK is dedicated to the soul foot in motion" - does anybody know what that is referring to?


And this is it last Saturday shortly after I got it

2011-09-21, 11:00
Bought late Monday afternoon, on my wrist 11:00 Wednesday morning:


A DW-6697 Code Name


Slightly sad in that this is man's watch from a lover's pair. The Baby-G would have a witch on the strap as one of the pairings for 1997 was the Witch and the Dragon. From http://www.javys.com/casio:

G Presents Lover's collection for 1997 is for lovers who are happy now and look forward to even more happiness in the future. G-SHOCK and BABY-G models are sold only as two-watch set, each with a simple, basic white design.

The three stories for this year are Devil (G-SHOCK) and Angle (BABY-G), Pegasus (G-SHOCK) and the Unicorn (BABY-G), and Dragon (G-SHOCK) and Witch (Baby-G). Any time the EL backlight of either watch is turned on, the character for the partner watch floats above the display.

The messages these watches suggest is "My lover will be with me forever."

The witch in the backlight:


If there are any lonely, beautiful girls with the partner watch to this (preferably independently rich and with a relaxed attitude to watch and military vehicle collectors) please pm me with a view to walking out together

Here is a picture of my well-turned wrist as a teaser for you:


Bubbly Tubs
2011-09-22, 00:08
Not seen one of those before looks good.

I've been rocking my GD 100 neg display of course.


Old pic but you get the idea

2011-09-22, 23:20
Couple of interesting ones there macspite. Is the DW-6900H-4 a collaboration or limited edition of some kind?

2011-09-23, 09:02
Don't know about the DW-6900H-4, I think they are relatively common in Europe but I am intrigued to find out to what the phrase on the strap refers. Went out last night to our military vehicle club monthly meeting so thought I would give this its first outing:

As a triumph of form over function it has little to match it, as a means of telling the time quickly it is fairly useless. Provides a great talking point though, especially if you have the auto backlight function on and are talking to a crowd of people in a darkened hall


Also not easy to photograph well without a host of diffusers and reflectors, posing it by the window sill and snapping with a mobile phone doesn't cut the mustard.


GA-110GB-1A Hypercomplex

2011-09-25, 10:25
This has got me slightly puzzled. I know I put it in last weeks selection but hey, this is a new picture taken today plus I would like to learn a little more about the beast. So any further details from mlearned colleagues welcome

It's not a G-Shock so apologies for that but it is a Casio with a 384 module like the Casio AW-20 and its metal cousin, the Speed Memory 100 AW-503. It's a PNM-508 and I am having difficulty in finding information via the usual search tools. Seems to be 1993 vintage and cost $150 then. The Poseidon name and little trident logo under the 11 o'clock marker indicate the God of the Sea and that this is a dive watch - exceot the depth rating is only 50 metres - just about ok for surface swimming in a pool.

Anyway, here it is, wearing it today so I can time laps while watching the Singapore GP on TV and get a better result than all that TAG Heuer timing rubbish :)


Casio POSEIDON PNM-508 module 384

2011-09-26, 21:34
The GA-110 does indeed look slightly tricky to read, could do with a little more contrast between hands and face.

Love the PNM-508, very Japanese.

Gone for the GW-M5600 today and for the last few days.