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2011-10-17, 13:31
A bit of a mongrel today I believe - a DW-003 with a beat counter, but not one I can find on http://watchshock.com/archive

It may be a DW-003HH with a replacement bezel and standard resin strap but if anyone knows better and has a model number please let me know!


2011-10-18, 14:51
Working at Farringdon station today, most of the day taken up with sitting driving or on a train so time to get the most expensive of my collection out and give it some sun. Only when I looked at the photo did I see how dusty it had become while surveying the station building works. It has been a couple of weeks since I have worn an analogue watch and it brought home to me how easy it is to tell the time with a casual glance at the hands with the watch at any angle rather than having to manoeuvre the face to the correct angle to see the digits, makes quite a difference when driving. Also great fun watching the hands rearrange themselves to new positions depending on the mode the watch is set to.

GW-3000B-1AJF Sky Cockpit


2011-10-18, 19:44
The GW-3000 is looking great, how do you find the size, look pretty large. Would agree on the analogue front. Really used to digital but had an analgoue seiko on all weekend and they are good for just glancing at the time.

Anyhow, normal service resumed with a G-5500 'Rasta' today.


2011-10-18, 20:04
GW-3000 is quite a large watch, accentuated by my smallish wrists. Your G-5500 looks a reasonable size too. I like big watches, not too good at subtlety. If I have paid out for a piece of kit I want everyone around me to notice it - G Shocks fit that bill admirably!

2011-10-18, 21:00
GW-3000 is quite a large watch, accentuated by my smallish wrists. Your G-5500 looks a reasonable size too. I like big watches, not too good at subtlety. If I have paid out for a piece of kit I want everyone around me to notice it - G Shocks fit that bill admirably!

Nice way to look at it and the GW-3000 looks a good size. Think you can go too big though, some of the modern 'blingy' watches look excessive.

2011-10-19, 09:23
Love that GW-3000, very nice!

Had this on so far this week. Time for a change tomorrow I think...


2011-10-19, 14:57
Like Mr. Bubbly Tubs (http://www.g-shockzone.com/showthread.php?422-This-just-in) I had expressed a cessation in G-Shock buying but find myself unable to resist the odd purchase, especially at the cheaper end of the market. This is a used DW-003X-4T with a slightly scratched face that the seller was upfront about and had on eBay at a sensible buy-it-now. It came through the letter box today, 36 hours after purchase and got immediately strapped to my wrist.

I like the DW-003s, comfortable to wear, inexpensive and, in many incarnations, fairly basic so that the important tasks of checking the time or setting a countdown timer (to alert me to an impending end of eBay auction!) are easily accomplished. I like the restrained grey and dark red colour of this example:



2011-10-19, 19:09

DW-5600C, still looking sharp after 20 odd years imho :D

2011-10-20, 08:15
Apologies no gshock today.


I can definitely feel I have a watch on today :D

2011-10-20, 11:01
Nice pic as ever gshockpete. Is that a SRP043? Really like the look of that!

2011-10-20, 13:35
It is indeed the SRP043 or the Spork as some call it. Probably my favourite of the three Seiko divers that I have.

2011-10-20, 14:47
I also like a good Seiko diver (have a stainless Samurai) and that is a good one. The shrouded crown at 4 O'clock looks very 'pro'.

2011-10-20, 15:58
Smart watch, smart shirt and a Blackberry, very good overall effect. For me an old Riseman - love the shape of this model - gave me something to play with during an interminable five hour induction to allow me onto a construction site for a 15 minute guided tour to check readiness for installation. Coupled with a black T and the ever popular orange hi-viz suit/yellow hard hat combo and a battered iPhone. Less office style setter and more ageing Village person.


2011-10-20, 16:17
Lol. Tool watch + hiviz = win. 5 hour meeting sounds brutal though :sleeping:

2011-10-20, 18:29
5 hours! :sleeping:

An evening shot...


2011-10-20, 22:19
The lume looks cracking on the Seiko.

Bet the powerpoints were killer in your 5 hour session.

2011-10-21, 10:10
Orange GW-9200 Riseman here :D


2011-10-21, 11:54
At home writing up site survey and method statement today. Bloody postman ran away without ringing doorbell so now have two red "while you were out" cards - been buying again :eek: Pulled this one off the shelf, only the second time of wearing since I bought it. Set the hourly signal to sound and pleased to hear both it and the radio time signal co-incide a little while later - I had set it to the right time when I got it on August 20th. and not touched since.


A Club-G watch - GXS-690-3 - "for children or teenagers". Well, the rest of me may have gone to seed but my wrists have remained slim and the strap fits with one hole spare. Bought for its military styling and because with postage it was only 13 quid. Another shot of me subduing it sufficiently to show off the camo strap:


Re 5 hours induction - sign in at reception, sit in canteen and fill out forms. Shown upstairs, have picture taken, fill out forms. Sit through safety and environmental powerpoints and DVDs. Some sobering stats (to a non-construction worker at least) on deaths and serious injuries in the industry. Stand by the window and wait to be called in for drugs and alcohol test, same window that an engineer fell past from 5 storeys up on the roof last year. D&A tests conducted 2 at a time, 50 people in room. Pass test as expected, six and a half years since I touched either. Stand by window and wait for badges. Once received line up single file and have hand prints read and registered onto card reader system. Now inducted. Arrived for 08:00, 13:15 completion.

Meet project managers in office. Discuss site. Walk across Blackfriars bridge to southern site and meet site manager. Card not yet registered on reader at that site. In anyway, 15 minute survey and discussion for installing our machines. Walk to Waterloo station for train toward home.

And so to bed.

2011-10-21, 17:48
Nice G another one I've not seen before!

Love the 5 hour breakdown :D. Will post my WAIW shortly.


2011-10-22, 10:24
The G-Cool does look pretty, er, G-Cool. Must be quite a rare item.


Anyhow today I have strayed.


Normal service resumed tomorrow ;)

2011-10-22, 10:51
Someone has to stay true to the breed! Anyway my Seiko doesn't want to work :(

Woken by alarm at 04:45 so that I could bid (successfully) on a Casio watch on eBay, back to sleep, up later and then to post office to retrieve two G-Shocks waiting for me. Now have 30 G-Shocks - is this normal behaviour? :confused:

What better on a sunny day than to take a solar/atomic on my wrist so that I could accurately set the "new" watches (both over 10 years old)



2011-10-22, 14:32
Apologies too G service will resume tomorrow.


2011-10-22, 16:30
@macspite, the gw-7900 on the fabric strap looks great. I'd say 30 is normal, might be the wrong place to ask though ;) Good dedication waking at that early, good job you won :D

@gshockpete, nice 007 (if it is)

2011-10-23, 10:44
was indeed the 007.

G on today, lazy Sunday planned for me.


2011-10-23, 11:02
Oh well, let me also be a traitor to the cause ...


My neighbours have been muttering about my tractor outside the house so I decided to move it over to the vehicle compound we rent from the MoD. About 2 miles as the crow flies but involving a large natural harbour so 12 miles by road. Actually planned this outing, set off at sunrise, fuelled on route, kept to times at checkpoints (tractor does 10 mph) and called my mate who was providing return transport so that we arrived at the same time at the gatehouse. Dropped off the tractor, admired our new club gun - google FH-70 to see what we have - and watched the buzzards spiralling above the concrete. Got dropped a mile away from home and went for the best breakfast on the island, and anywhere else for that matter, at Joint Effort, Creek Road, Hayling Island. 5.50 - 50 pence less than my watch cost new.

Ascot "dive" watch by Krippl-Watches (really!) model number AN8-SP-604


Bought off a market stall about four years ago, used and abused and still keeps excellent time!

2011-10-23, 12:08
@pete, nice, what model is that?

@macspite, liking the tractor, fry up and ascot ;)

2011-10-24, 08:10
Nice, like the Ascot. That breakfast looks tasty. Googled FH-70, I'd liked to know how it can hold 8 crew though :eek: I guess, just jump on and hold on to something!

2011-10-24, 08:32
Going off topic - re FH-70. Towed into action by a large Foden gun tractor/limber with a crew shelter on one half of the load bed, the other half being occupied by a HIAB and boxes of projectile and bagged charges. Once close to where it needs to be the gun is unhitched and the 1700 VW engine started to power the hydraulics and propel the thing into final position. One guy drives, the other seven walk and stop to prise the gun off the driver when he tips it over :(