View Full Version : G-Shocks for 'smart' situations?

2011-10-20, 14:49
Is it possible ;)? What would you or do you go for? Have to admit I rarely wear anything other than jeans and t-shirt with a G-Shock. When smarter attire is necessary I normally break out one of my mechanical watches although have gone for the DW-5200 on occasion.

2011-10-20, 16:09
For formal wear? How about:


or an old favourite:


I consider my GW-3000B to be a formal watch, if anyone wants to disagree and present me with this from my wish list (http://watchshock.com/archive/Casio/G-Shock/MR-G/MRG-121TEC-1A/) then I will gladly accept. Sjors has a picture of the backlight (http://50-gs.blogspot.com/2011/08/g-shock-35-mr-g-eric-clapton.html) on this - beautiful!

2011-10-20, 16:18
Any of the black resin Gs would work to a greater or lesser extent I guess. The GW-3000 would be a good choice though :D

2011-10-20, 19:09
Good topic. I think any of the g aviation series, m5600 variations. I've seen someone wearing a gw500 before with a suit.

2011-10-20, 22:23
Hmmm, I'd think a GW-500 might be a touch fussy to be considered 'smart'. The GW-5000 might work. although to the untrained eye the premium nature would be lost given it looks near enough the same at a GW-M5600.

2011-10-21, 07:58
I normally stick with my m5600 models for smart situations but now and again I do wear some of my bigger and brighter G's - as long as I'm comfortable with it I'm not that fussed :cool: