View Full Version : Seiko 'e-ink' digital SBPA001

2011-11-03, 16:38
Not a Casio let alone a G-Shock but think these digital Seikos are pretty interesting > http://www.seiko-watch.co.jp/p_search/detail/do.php?no=SBPA001


Really like the style of the SBPA001 and the e-ink screen looks cracking. Sadly think they are JDM only, although the specs say they will sync with radio signals worldwide.

Of course they also do a unusual tie in. Lupin III x Seiko Spirit SBPA007, Lupin III an anime burglar.

Bubbly Tubs
2011-11-03, 16:44
That does look nice. Reminds me of the new iPod nano that you can get a wrist attachment for. I'd be well up for that but you can only view the time in analogue format which is just weird as its a digital display.

2011-11-03, 16:55
The TikTok or something isn't it, macspite highlighted it in another thread. That looks really cool too.

Be interested if Casio look to adopt such technology for their displays at any point.