View Full Version : a very silly question but I still do need help

2011-11-05, 10:40
Hi guys,just bought mme a bezel and strap for my GA110.I need to change one of my G shock so I cn make it look custom.I am having problems on what size the screw driver is.Is it a small phillips screw of a torx screw?I have both but cant seem to turn the darn screw.It is getting frustrating already...and I am excited to customize my watch.Need help please.

2011-11-05, 16:11
Try getting a Philips #000 screwdriver from a decent tool store, makes a hell of a difference having quality tools. Strap pins require a special tool to compress them (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Watch-strap-pin-remover-spring-bar-tool-/120804885291?pt=UK_Jewellery_Watches_WatchAccessor ies_SpareParts_SM&hash=item1c2088432b#ht_2040wt_906), very simple piece of kit but so much easier than digging around with a knife blade or similar

2011-11-05, 20:34
^ what he said :D

Make sure you show us pics when you've done the mod.