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2011-11-16, 10:38
Have to say I'm quite liking the look of this new series, released as part of the November 2011 G-Shock release. (http://www.g-shockzone.com/content.php?245-G-Shock-November-2011-New-Releases) Reckon the 7900, 6900 and 5600 are all strong models.


More pics on the front page > http://www.g-shockzone.com/content.php?259-G-Shock-Army-Green-Series-preview

2011-11-16, 13:45
im liking them all too like the contrast of the orange w/ the green is nice ill definetly be getting one as i have said i have that model 7900 but theres always room for 2. im just curious why they only gave the 7900 2 stars :)

2011-11-16, 13:52
I'd not picked up on the different number of stars. Think Casio just added as many stars as they could in the gap...

2011-11-16, 23:36
I like the color too. I want see one of the new Mudmans (Mudmen?) in that color.

2011-11-17, 09:05
I like the color too. I want see one of the new Mudmans (Mudmen?) in that color.

Mudmans or Mudmen, I'm not sure either. That'd be cool though, the new G*-9300 series would be a perfect match for this colorway. Wait and see I guess!

Bubbly Tubs
2011-11-17, 11:26
So would the King GX56

2011-11-17, 14:37
Once you guys have ordered and received your choice of military series watch could I suggest (and supply) a military series vehicle to go with it?

Anything from a jeep to a Challenger tank available!

2011-11-17, 17:51
yea ill take a tank to go with it lol.... can you send that through the mail ill pay through pay pal jk :)

2011-11-17, 18:44
Sorry but postage to the US would be a touch expensive. And I have been burnt by PayPal before. Cash on the nail only. Got a lovely little Abbot, (http://www.milweb.net/classifieds/large_image.php?ad=59347&cat=1) one careless owner (MoD), never raced or rallied, open to offers. Can organise shipping to NY too ...

In the UK private ownership of ex military armour isn't a problem - here's my own little pet that gets driven regularly on the public roads:


2011-11-17, 22:00
One of those little tanks would be genius although I'd imagine they might use a little fuel.

Where do you sit when you drive the armoured car?

2011-11-17, 23:14
they should amke a mudman for this series i agree it would go perfect with that tank. but in ny they have the toughest gun laws in the world it sux. my bud whos stationed in the air force in lakentheath, england says its a lot more lax with guns and stuff over there is that true?

2011-11-18, 02:06
No, You can get a handgun in NYC, it just takes a lot of work, paperwork and legal loopholes.

It is one reason why I love living away from "big city mentalities". I can have whatever I want to have, except full autos, sbrs, cans, etc unless I pay the tax on them.

2011-11-18, 07:08


The driver has a seat fixed to the bottom of the vehicle hull, the commander is on a padded platform behind that is on a scissor lift arrangement allowing sitting or standing so that he can stand and look out of the turret, sit and still see or, when at its lowest sit with hatches closed behind the driver rather like the king and queen seat on a motorbike.

We seem to have drifted away from G-Shocks ... :)

2011-11-18, 07:20

Uk has a lot of restrictions brought in very quickly after each of two mass shootings. Shotgun ownership is reasonably lax with the police needing show that there is no due cause for you to own one but we are restricted to maximum three shot before re-loading and no detachable magazines - means my old bolt-action Mossberg became illegal as it had a two shot magazine that could be removed.

Handguns and rifles have a mass of legislation attached, the onus is on the prospective owner to prove a need to own. I am not up on the current state of our firearms laws except to know that Olympic small bore rifle contestants from the UK find it a lot easier to keep their weapon and to practice outside of the UK. Certainly no auto or, I believe, semi-auto though I have had the pleasure of firing a 9mm Browning when a guest of the British Army.

This has done nothing to stop the mass of illegally held weapons that are becoming more frequently used here.

Again, we seem to be drifting away from G-Shocks ... :)

2011-11-18, 09:59
@macspite nifty, assume from the plate that's a few years old?

@seanobsdot interesting point, as macspite says the UK has a lot of restrictions around the ownership of rifles and pistols.

Again, we seem to be drifting away from G-Shocks ... :)


2011-11-18, 10:17
@rutteger - 1954 vehicle original registration 38 BA 15, left service 1975 and has an age related civilian plate.

2011-11-23, 19:17
@rutteger and macspite- well i just booked a fight to come over there in february just have to get my passport looking foward to it never have been out of the states before and im surprised they are so rigid over there. very interesting! and your both right g shock talk seems to have gone by the wayside on this thread :) guns are cool too though