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2011-11-18, 19:00
This is a very rare pink Bape (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pink-Bape-G-Shock-Watch-VERY-RARE-/120811629203?pt=UK_Jewelery_Watches_Watches_MensWa tches_GL&hash=item1c20ef2a93#ht_487wt_1416) bought from the Bape store in the good ol' USA. That's good on the authenticity front as there are no returns or refunds on this sale. Box looks nice, gold ape head, and the day squarely under the second eye.


Bullshit meter needle banging against the max. stop ... :rolleyes:

2011-11-18, 20:05
definetly a fake the bottom fonts look good but the dat should be under the first two eyes if im correct.

2011-11-18, 20:12
check this site out its a comparo of a real bape and a fake pics arent so good but you notice the difference definetly http://gshocksociety.com/page/3/

2011-11-18, 20:17
Correct - date should sit between the left and the centre eye. The photos are poorly lit but reasonable quality which is the vendor's first mistake. Second mistake is to pitch the buy it now price too low. The individual serial number looks wrong too. I always wonder why the sellers of these Fapes don't cannibalise a genuine Casio DW-6900 of which there must be many millions and dress it in the fake bezel and strap from a Chinese fake. That would stop spoilsports like me alerting eBay to all this fapery.

And if I do it it might earn me some money for Christmas ...

2011-11-18, 21:29
yea it seems like these people are just killing the bape which i do not have. this seems to be causing the reals one to be a bit overpriced. these fakes are all over...... i dont know what ebay would do about it oer what they can do about it. if it is wrong to sell fakes/imitations as real i have a lot of reporting to do.

2011-11-18, 22:21
There are a lot of fakes out there - probably 99% of the DW-6900 Bapes are fajke on eBay. Sometimes the seller is smart enough not to use the word "Casio" or "Bape" in the listing so they can plead that there is no copyright infringement if eBay threaten to close their account.

The standard listing, in the UK at least, is from someone with low feedback showing an out of focus photograph of the watch, making it difficult to see where the date is located , the smarter ones show a clearer photo with the watch in timer mode so that the digits look ok. The start price is often laughably low and little detail is given about the watch. Yet people still fall for these ads.

If you use the "report this" link on the eBay listing it brings up a page to select reasons for your report, select "Counterfeits and breach of copyright" from the drop down list, detailed reason as "Potential Trademark Infringement", additional information "Counterfeit watches and jewellery".

Then add your reason for the report - they only give you 40 or so characters to do this and send. Just done it for the pink bape listing, interested to see what happens.

Here is one that looks to be the real thing (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/G-Shock-Rainbow-Bape-Rare-Limited-Edition-Watch-Genuine-Example-/320793750850?pt=UK_Jewelery_Watches_Watches_MensWa tches_GL&hash=item4ab0cc2d42#ht_500wt_1069), just don't get scared by the price!

2011-11-19, 00:36
yea thats the real thing no doubt about it also the real ones they seeem to have a laser etched number on them sort of like a black color on the fakes it just looks engraved but now that i know that i can report people on ebay i think i may just start doing that like i said before these fakes are just killing g shocks i even have a site that sells fake g's its ridiculous. i walk down my street and there is vendors that sell the fake 6900's saying casio right on them and then the people that buy them take them to the pawn shop and try to sell them {i work at a pawn shop} i just laugh and say you just bought this for 10 dollars right outside do you really think you can buy a watch at basically 90% off and still get the real thing and then they get mad at me like i dont know what im talking about funny people americans are and im one of them. when i first started buying gs i bought two fake 7900 rescue models everything down to the t was correct caseback all that and i compared them one day to the real thing and noticed i got beat thats why i look at the font on the watches now they really give away the quality of the watch. it sux because a few bapes have come through the shop i work at and i cant buy them due to rules a work grrrrrrrrr but i dont think i would spend 800 american on a bape hopefully one will come my way thats priced correctly now i gotta go put some cold water on my face after seeing that price hah:rolleyes: