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2011-11-22, 14:31

not sure if they seem a tad expensive

2011-11-22, 16:51
They certainly seem to be an establishment that boasts large plate glass windows - they can certainly see you coming :) Best thing to do with any watch you fancy is to google the model number - Casio GW-3000B-1AER as a not quite random example. This was a watch I spent a fair amount of time researching prior to buying as it was my first G-Shock for maybe 18 years.


The results allowed me to compare prices and vendors from amazon then find reviews. I also looked on eBay to see what the sellers prices were - always factoring in the p+p of course, it can vary from FREE to excessively expensive. Many of the stores have customer comments rating their service as well, always useful. In the end I bought from TikTox who also do a good line in spare bezels and straps, a decent firm to deal with as well as offering a good discount. Limited range though.

Of course, when the watch arrived it seemed too good for everyday wear so I got a cheap solar atomic new off eBay as a daily driver. My google research also pointed me in the direction of various watch forums, some vast, some very US-centric and one which seemed to fit my needs ...

It's worth considering buying from the reputable vendors from abroad - we can always tell you if they are good or bad. I have had good value and excellent service for both new and used G-Shocks from sellers in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Germany and Israel as well as the UK, the only disappointment in time taken to arrive was a new black and gold hypercomplex from the States.

Ah, yes - buy a G-Shock, then one to save the "nice" one from daily damage and soon you find yourself with 41 of them with the obligatory one in the post. My dressing decisons are easy - black for office, orange hi-viz for site, ex-army gear for weekends. But I have the fun each day of deciding which watch wants to leave the shelf for the day's trip out ...

2011-11-22, 22:32
@ rutegger -this site has watches that ive fatasized about like the camos what do you think a fair price for a camo 6900 is?

2011-11-22, 23:44

not sure if they seem a tad expensive

I've not used them to be honest. Stumbled upon the site numerous times and have never but clear what the deal with it is - equally never really bothered looking into it. Macspite gives sage advice, plenty of places to buy G-s on the 'net. Once you've IDd a model you fancy go from there....

2011-11-23, 00:01
@ rutegger -this site has watches that ive fatasized about like the camos what do you think a fair price for a camo 6900 is?

Tough question.

You after a DW-6900MC 'Jamin Colors' like the DW-6900MC-7


Or the latter DW-6900JC 'Jamin Colors' like the DW-6900JC-2 on bodying?


Not sure as it matters either way. The bodying price is strong but given these are out of production perhaps not ridiculous. Had a quick on some other sales boards and USD$100 looks to be about the price a NOS or VGC one goes for.

One alternative might be to buy a camo bezel and strap from this chap > http://www.ebay.com/itm/Casio-Watch-Parts-Shell-Bezel-DW-6900-MC-7-Urban-Camo-/290605462131?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item43a96f7273#ht_500wt_1361 . Used him before, US based, very good. Dunno if he has the straps though...

Another might be to see if you could get a custom dytac DW-6900 like this dw-5600


2011-11-23, 20:00
@rutteger-yeah i like the 6900mc-7 better that the 6900jc-2 but... i would buy either of them. i never knew you could get a custom camo if you can let me know where i could maybe pursue a custom one that would be cool. i like them due to the fact that not one of them is the same meaning the camo patterns on the bands and bezels are different on each watch or is that just a myth? messaged that guy selling the camo bezel its only the bezel no straps. thanks for the info but let me know about the dytac you spoke about?

2011-11-23, 23:31
The Casio Jamin Color camo bands and bezel were indeed all supposedly totally individual due to the manufacturing process.

I know more or less nothing on dytac. A Hong Kong seller listed a few on ebay a while back > http://www.g-shockzone.com/showthread.php?110-Dyatec-Full-Camo-custom-G-Shock-DW-5600&highlight=dytac . Looks good but given it's printed onto the resin I'm unusure how durable it'd be long term.

2011-11-25, 13:52
It'll probably be the same as my girlfriends white Baby-G and rub off after a fairly short time

2011-11-25, 14:01
It'll probably be the same as my girlfriends white Baby-G and rub off after a fairly short time

Assume it's a camo one? Yeah would want someone else to try the dytac ones first to test the longevity of the camo finish....

2011-11-25, 15:46
No just a plain white Baby-G, BGD-102-7ER. It has been worn daily for just under 2 years and the straps gone a bit blue and the bezel has lost a lot of its white and just reveals the naked resin....and the battery has just gone:( im guessing the white comes off the G's aswell?

2011-11-25, 16:59
Interesting problem. BOught my Mrs a white baby-G (forget the model) which has had regular wear. The resin has marked in a couple of places but hasn't worn off anywhere as yet. Do have a couple of white Gs but given everything I have is worn in rotation I've yet to find out how they wear...

2011-11-25, 17:09
If the camo wears off it'll look terrible

2011-11-25, 19:17
Like this you mean ?



2011-11-26, 09:12
Ha! ye nice watch but looks pretty scabby

2011-11-26, 17:10
Changing to another vendor - has anyone used these?

http://www.chezmaman.com (http://www.chezmaman.com/en/g-shock/6-1-c.html)

They seem to have a nice range at good prices, 10 euro shipping to UK. Not come across them before but doing a search on G-001-2er brought a whole raft of new-to-me sites selling watches as an accessory to their main business. These guys however seem to sell only watches (plus headphones).

Any comments, good or bad, welcome!

2011-11-26, 21:44
Looks like a retail shop, nice range though!

2011-11-27, 10:22
Just came across this while exploring the site:


Forget your Bapes, that is a good-looking collab.

As for ordering from them - though PayPal is shown as a payment option it doesn't seem to work but Visa is accepted. That option takes you to a slightly scary looking site to grab your card details that seems to have been built about 1972, Google translate or a knowledge of French may help you there. Brought up my banks verification panel correctly so it seems legit.

Let's wait and see :D

I've realised the secret to successful collecting is to always maintain a full eBay watch list and to have at least one watch in the post.

2011-11-28, 20:24
Hope whatever you ordered arrives in good time, let us know how you go (and what you got ;) )

Cool collab, hadn't seen that before. Wonder if it is customized over and above band and bezel.

2011-11-28, 20:33
Had a look at the site again when I was in the office with time on my hands due to being detailed for a job for which the kit isn't due until Thursday ...

The model that I had ordered was no longer on the site. Must have bought the last one.

Got home and there is an email:

You've ordered a watch on our website and we thank you for that.

Unfortunately, the Casio Gshock watch ref. G001-2ER isn't avalaible at all.

However, we've got the same in Black or in Black/Pink.

Do you want to choose another one ?

We're sorry for this inconvenience.

Best regards


Merde! Je suis desolee! :mad:

I want a Bertie Bassett Jason!

As for the collab I think it is, as usual, just cosmetic changes. They appear to have some left at 129 euros a pop plus another 10 to send it to the UK.

2011-11-29, 14:51
Lol at the Bertie Basset. Ideal for a collaboration perhaps, Bertie Basset x G-Shock G-001-2. One day maybe. Bad luck on out of stock, not an espeically easy model to track down either...