View Full Version : Amazon G-Shock GW-7900MS-3ER 64 posted in the UK

2011-11-29, 15:12

70 down to 64 with discount voucher AW11FASH . Solar, atomic and cool looking cloth strap. Good deal imho, I bought one :cool:


2011-11-29, 18:34
Very good deal, I got mine at a discount but this is thirty quid less! It's a nice watch, dark military green bezel and strap that tends to show black in some pictures. The orange of the strap doesn't show when on the wrist, nice broad band, very comfortable. Looks good on the wrist, feels solid.

If anyone has a spare 64 I suggest you go for it! :cool:

2012-01-14, 16:42
Yes, very nice bi-colour strap !
Has it been made with leather only ? or with other materials too ?

2012-01-14, 16:51
This model of the 7900 is only available with the strap shown which is nylon, soft on the side that meets the wrist and harder on the outside. There are several colours available:


and most have a normal resin band. The price from Amazon is very good, if it is still available. UPDATE: just clicked the link above and it is back up to full price :(

The watch is a dark military green, not quite black and is easy to read. It has the bonus of tide graph and moon phases, solar power and waveceptor timekeeping.

I would recommend anybody to buy it!

2012-01-14, 17:10
Just done a quick Google search - in the UK this seems the best deal (http://www.firstclasswatches.co.uk/casio-gshock-rescue-gw7900ms3er-p-8204.html?utm_campaign=Google%2BProduct+Search&utm_medium=base&utm_source=google)

Similar prices on google.fr

Looks like rutteger got a really good deal :D