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2011-12-03, 17:16
I went to the post office to collect a watch being held for me. From an eBay seller that I have dealt with before, 300+ transactions, 100% feedback, here is the listing photo:


No model number given though there is a module number on the leaflet in the photo.

I collected the parcel which was very well encased in parcel tape over a grey mailing bag which enclosed the box shown in the picture. First impression on opening was nice watch followed by disappointment that one end of one of the spring pins holding the strap halves on had come out of its locating hole in the case lug

The jelly feel that I was expecting wasn't there, the translucent case is a hard plastic.


The segments in the three eyes do not move sequentially as on a DW-6900, the day indicator is in the right place but the gaps between the segments of each digit seem to be wider than those on my "reference" DW-6900

The back is wrong too - philips head self tapping screws hold a round back on rather than the horseshoe back of a 6900, held by combination slot and crosshead machine screws. The Casio model number is missing, the module number is in the wrong place and not within a box. The module, 1308, is not recognised when searching on Casio support. The module fits directly in the case, there is no protective rubber lining.


This is the module:



The clincher is that the adjust button simply lights the watch, there are only three modes - stopwatch, alarm and time/day/date

The vendor sells a variety of items, watches aren't his speciality. I think this watch is a good quality fake and, as it has been presented in a genuine Casio box (for a G2000), seems genuine at first glance. It looks as though the wendor has acquired this in good faith to sell on.

Before I present the suspicions detailed above to the vendor I would welcome your comments!

2011-12-04, 17:11
Concur it's a knock off although tough to tell from the auction pic. I'd just nicely go back to seller for a refund and go from there.

2011-12-04, 17:51
Agreed, that's the action I am taking - will keep you posted. Meanwhile hope this might get added to our spot a fake tutorial ...

2011-12-07, 18:38
From the seller's standard paragraph on all his listings - "ANY PROBLEMS PLEASE E-MAIL ME 1ST – AND WE WILL SORT THEM OUT"

So I mailed him with the problem and the url of this thread, reply almost by return expressing apologies for the watch and what did i want to do? I was quite happy to suggest I kept the watch as a momento of my folly and get a partial refund. That has been done, left good feedback for him and both happy (I hope)

2011-12-07, 21:58
Glad you got some cash back, hope you left suitable feedback. At least you got a G-2000 box out of the deal :)