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2011-12-09, 18:46
This one is ringing alarm bells ...

Limitied (sic) -Addition-Authentic-Bathing-Ape-G-Shock- (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Limitied-Addition-Authentic-Bathing-Ape-G-Shock-/160695595227?pt=UK_Jewelery_Watches_Watches_MensWa tches_GL&hash=item256a3430db#ht_500wt_1069)

2011-12-12, 10:43
Oh dear. Is that some sort of Photoshop job on the face too?

2011-12-12, 10:46
Setup a special 'Fake Alert' thread prefix for outing these knock offs :D

2011-12-12, 15:43
Thanks for doing that! I could see it was a wrong 'un from a glance at the picture but the fact that the face was photoshopped or whatever completely passed me by. I have remedied that and am trying to find out what he has done to generate the picture:

"Dear cmartins_2,

Interesting collab this, looks like the ones I buy from China for 4.87 dollars each but the face has the official Casio "10:58 6.30" numbering from Casio publicity photos. Did you photoshop that on to get over the problem of the date not showing in the proper place on the fake?

If you could let me know how you did it would be a great help for me in selling at a profit.

Good luck with the auction!"

Let's see if I get a reply!

For those of you reading this who haven't seen the offending listing here is a screenshot:


I reckon the image isn't photshopped at all. It is a print out (or a cut out from a printed ad) that has been put inside the glass of a disassembled watch and then put back together.

2011-12-12, 19:13
@macspite- so your saying that theres no module in there? this is crazy hope you get a reply id be interested to hear what he says

2011-12-12, 22:06
A cut out would be brilliant. See what he / she come back with :p

2011-12-13, 05:05
@seanobsdot - I think the way it has been done is by taking the entire module out, putting a printout or photo of a Casio watch face behind the main part of the crystal and putting the module back in so that the eyes show and the module holds the print nice and flat. Then photograph the set up for the eBay listings - if he gets away with this then he will be tempted to do it time and again. Then put the warch back to normal and package up ready for some sucker to bite. Photoshop involves some skills in getting the angles right - the watch isn't square on to the camera and there are two shots to sort out.

My money is on the paper method.

2011-12-14, 10:51
eBay don't seem to be pulling the fake G-Shocks and Bapes that I report. Someone bought this for 50. Meanwhile a genine item is sitting at 114 with just 8 hours to go. Maybe the fakes have killed the prices for genuine Bapes - though, as reported, some of the fapers are getting excessively greedy.

Although cmartins_2 "only" got fifty quid for his pains, less eBay fees and even if he bought from ioffer.com at retail there was still a twenty-five quid profit to be had, more if he bought direct from the Chinese manufacturer. eBay have got their cut and the only people hurt are the buyer, who will have a low opinion of Casio from now on and collectors, who see their watches tainted and devalued by association with the multitude of fakes. :mad: