View Full Version : Fake Alert Frogman

2011-12-16, 16:58
Band and bezel look ok. What is going on with that module!

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CASIO-G-SHOCK-FROGMAN-DIVERS-WATCH-TITANIUM-/350515474407?pt=UK_Jewelery_Watches_Watches_MensWa tches_GL&hash=item519c59afe7


2011-12-16, 19:46
A 7710 I think - what is going on in a faker's mind when he puts together something like this or, worse, a Frogman with a MT-G style module with hands?

If you have gone to the trouble of getting the case and bezel details correct (they don't use real items, surely?) then a stab at making a half decent module would make some kind of sense.

2011-12-16, 23:46

The band and bezel look good! The rest is a disaster, seller has somewhat obscured face (and therefore module) in sales shots. Deliberate? I'd imagine so.