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2011-12-26, 11:50
went with my Modded Philippine Flag version Today

2011-12-26, 12:43
Feeling pretty low key here so gone with a low key G, the DW-5200. Half hourly chimes helping to keep me awake ;)


2011-12-26, 14:50
Up at 0500, over to the barracks to pick up my armoured car. Batteries dead :( so drove normal car to the annual vehicle gathering in Wickham Square (Hampshire). No-one organises it, people turn up with anything interesting that has wheels - tractors, scooters, muscle cars, customs, commercials, military, motor bikes - classics and modern ...

Met a lot of old friends and club members and helped Mike with his 1936 Leyland escape ladder. Unfortunately lack of hydraulic fluid only allowed the ladder to extend to 31 feet so didn't get the natural high I was seeking - it will go to 101 feet...




2011-12-27, 11:36
Looks a pretty big event from the pics. 30ft would be tall enough for me...

Anyhow pulled out the DW-6900 here.


2011-12-27, 20:39
Quite quiet compared to previous years. It normally gets totally jammed from sround 0830, didn't seem to get that busy until around 1030, just wondering if some people thought it was today.

Back to Paddington for the third and, I hope, last time on my lock drilling task. The supervisor has put in a complaint about me in that I left without completing the job. I did point out that I had worked nine hours before coming to site. Spent another six hours (plus four travel) today. I doubt his union would approve of a 15 hour shift!


One of my watches that needed changing from DST still!

30 feet up is worrying, far enough to hurt when you fall. 100 feet is a lot better - a couple of seconds of terror then oblivion :)



Pictures from our 2010 military show. www.solentoverlord.co.uk/blog for more

2011-12-27, 23:41
Nice work stitching the panorama together.

Bad news on the 15 hour shift!

2011-12-28, 21:03
Panorama stitching is actually dead easy using a free Microsoft product - MICE - Microsoft Image Composite Editor - google it to download

Today has been a bit hectic, I am now in Doncaster - 14 hours on the road for which I get paid 13. Brought another "change from DST needed" watch out with me:


Stopped in Thaxted after going to Stansted Airport rail station - another stitch job!


My Omega is parked right of centre in front of the blue house

2011-12-29, 23:40
Not played with any panorama software for a few years, might have to try the Microsoft one.

Went with the GW-M5600 here today.


2011-12-30, 11:24
Trusty gulfman today :D


2012-01-01, 12:19
Saturday 31st - Jason wanted to come out for the afternoon so I took him down to the beach:



I like the way that the font seems to change according to the way the light falls on it.

Jason then wanted to go into the town where we selected a few pots of paint so that we could do a few touch-ups and mods to his friends:


Hope you all enjoyed your New Year celebrations, all the best for 2012

2012-01-01, 14:35
All the best for 2012 indeed, hope all on here have a good New Year.

Jason looking good, pics capture the screen well.

What mods do you have planned? Looks like car paint!!

Gone for the G-5500 here.


2012-01-01, 17:23
Thanks, Jason does photograph well, he loves the camera!

Paint is from Hobbycraft, nearest thing to a model shop in our area. There was a choice of traditional Humbrol solvent based or a watersoluble Revell acrylic which is what I am trying. There was also a range for those war games figures with names like goblin green and orc ochre but I wasn't keen on the price.

Mods are as they happen. I have a DW-004 in pieces in an empty fruit bowl at the moment, with luck you may not recognise it when done. My main task is to try and find a source of cheap NATO adapters as at least one watch is demanding a new strap to set off a paint job.

I have also gone mad today and bought an unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note phone/tablet which I am playing with at the moment. It was raining when I went over to Southampton to pick the Galaxy up, as if someone had decided to drop the entire 2012 supply of rain in one hit to get it over with. This is the first snap taken with the new phone - decided the King would like an outing today:


2012-01-02, 13:47
I see on the paint, looked a bit like Halfords with all the tins ;) Hope you can bring the old DW-004 back to something half decent.

Pic from the Samsung looks good. Cool looking device, went to Android last year after being an avowed Symbian user.