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2012-01-19, 18:44
What features and function would your ideal G-Shock have? And does it exist already??

Been thinking about the G-Shock features and functions I like, they are as follows (in no particular order)

*Clear and legible digital display. They are for telling the time after all! This would probably mean a positive display, unlike many internet experts I find negative displays just fine. However positive is certainly clearer.
*Tough solar.
*Multiband 5/6
*Auto EL. Might be the only man alive who covets this function but find it very useful
*Resin band and bezel.

Guess to be honest this is the core features I really need. Stopwatch, countdown timers, alarms are useful but tbh I rarely use any of this stuff anymore. As such the GW-M5600 (along with a good part of Casio's current output) is probably ideal as it is for many.

Thinking past the reallynecessary it's also nice to have

*Retro style (i.e. square like the DW-5000)
*Big and imposing (like the GX-56 King, GW-200 Frog and GW-9300 mudman)
*Good comfortable fit. Not to tall tall or bulky.
*Black band and bezel. Because I'm dull like that.
*Metal case and screwback. Original G-Shock style!
*Alti / baro / compass /temp - but be good if temp worked on wrist :p

Clearly not all of these are possible in the same watch. If I could live without the ABC functions the GW-5000 (one day!) would be nice. Otherwise perhaps the GW-9300 Mudman, GW-9200 Riseman or GWF-1000 Frog are the ones I need. As such this is what I'd really like Casio to do

*Ti screwback case like the GW-200 Frog
*Alti / baro like the Riseman
*Compass like the new Mudman
*Carbon strap like the new Mudman (becasue it's cooool)
*Fit like the new Mudman
*And of course tough solar, multiband6 etc.

That'd be quite an item. Guess it'd also be pretty costly, here's hoping though. If you're reading Mr Casio-san ;)

So, what's your ideal G :)

2012-01-20, 17:03
I am with you on auto EL - nice and bright like a DW-6600
Solar / atomic
LOUD alarm
Simple displays - use a full colour mobile phone type display - OLED? then you could have time/day date/alarm/timer/chrono functions for timekeeping and ABC, tide graph (useful to me) and moon phase indication without making the face too complicated - just scroll between the screens. Upgradeable to different styles either replicating classics or new so that you could have a 6600 display switchable to a 5000, 6900 or GW-3000 for instance.
BIG and chunky - King size
Easy change bezels and straps in a variety of colours and materials.

I can see that this is a commercial disaster - one watch module and case replicates a whole load of styles and is easily transformed by strap and/or bezel change ...

And, yes, a nice solid titanium screwback case for the quality look and feel

2012-01-21, 16:15
Interesting point regarding the display. Would assume Gs will stick with LCD for the time being given the relative durability and low power. However be cool to see a G one day with a display similar to the Seiko E-Ink / EPD models.


Some pretty cool models with very customisable displays!

2012-01-22, 18:58
This is getting there ...


2012-01-23, 02:42
For me the requirements are simple:

1. Negative EL. It looks cool and actually improves usage in total darkness. It should be settable i.e 1.5 or 3 second option. Also, it might be too much too ask, but maybe allow the EL to stay on while I am using the other functions? I think I have never seen or heard of a digital watch that can do this.
2. Tough solar power. Not to say the older batteries are inconvenient, but it is nice to be able to use the features repeatedly without having to worry too much about power drain, because I can always recharge it just by wearing it.
3. At least 24 hours in the countdown timer.
4. A combination of metal (SS/Ti) and resin in the case/bracelet a la the MTGs. Preferably more metal so it can look dressy enough - this way I can have only one G-Shock (impossible :playful:) for any occasion.
5. Standard lugs so I can replace the strap/bracelet with a Zulu.

:playful: after re-reading my own post I realize it sounds like something a military guy would prefer - I am not in any way affiliated with the military but I do use my watches in total darkness a lot!

2012-01-23, 08:59
The best G-Shock watch..., I would say :
* e-ink should be nice for displaying information (rutteger has already written about it).
* better than radio-controlled system, maybe it could be interesting to have a look at the Citizen Satellite-wave system which allow a full Earth coverage.
* and of course, keep the current G-Shock qualities on next models.

2012-01-23, 22:39
@macspite - interesting, esp given it runs Android. Price is strong though!

@GTR83 - agree the time on the backlight is a great feature. Does the Frog allow this?

@Olivier - the citizen system is interesting, wonder if it'll ever get to a reasonable price point and be durable enough for a G.

2012-01-24, 15:38
Yes, the 1000 series Frogs allow us to choose between 1.5 or 3 seconds for the EL duration. Am I smelling an incoming amphibian? :devilish:

2012-01-24, 21:37
Yes, the 1000 series Frogs allow us to choose between 1.5 or 3 seconds for the EL duration. Am I smelling an incoming amphibian? :devilish:

Haha, I wish! Sadly no, the mudman has eaten most of the G-shock funds for the moment ;)

2012-01-28, 16:42
For me it would be the G-SHOCK GW-5000-1JF, I say "would be" because it needs to display the time of day in stopwatch and countdown modes. Not having that capability is a deal breaker for me.

2012-02-06, 03:50
...auto light function (not sure what it's called)