View Full Version : eBay Big G-Shock collection 3 x Dee & Ricky, Sylvester and others

2012-01-27, 11:06

Ideal if you want an instant collection!

- 2 x Dee & Ricky GA111DR-7ACR (White)
- 1 x Dee & Ricky GA110DR-1A (Black)
- 1 x Stussy 30th Anniversary DW6900-ST
- 1 x Nigel Sylvester GD100NS-7
- 1 x Trapstar x Charlatan DW6900 (Limited to only 20 pieces. This is number 14)
- 1 x Blue & Green DW6900 (Not limited, but thought i'd include it anyway)


2012-01-27, 11:52
Looks like a nice set going there!

2012-01-27, 16:40
wow .. a couple hard to find pieces .. its definitely going to be pricey

would be better to sell individually in my opinion .. but hope seller gets what he/she wants

2012-02-01, 18:24
hope seller gets what he/she wants

The set went for 1470 and postage was another 25.

I had a look wondering about buying to sell on as individual pieces but can't see any profit to be had at that price!

Hope the buyer is happy.

2012-02-01, 19:17
I can only agree, good price for the seller!