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2012-01-30, 20:49
The Lower x (http://www.g-shockzone.com/content.php?282-Lower-x-G-Shock-DW-5600) G-Shock DW-5600 collab (http://www.g-shockzone.com/content.php?282-Lower-x-G-Shock-DW-5600)
went on sale at 20:00 GMT today at 299 New Zealand Dollars post free in Australia and NZ. 45 dollars for posting outside of those countries which makes 344 NZD. Add Paypal's rate of exchange then it is 187.62 for UK residents plus 20% VAT when HMRC claim their whack plus 8 handling charge - total around 235.

If that hasn't put you off a fairly ordinary DW-5600 with a leather jacket on then it is available here (http://shop.thanksyo.com/products/g-shock-x-lower-dw5600low-9v)

2012-01-30, 20:55
Did you go for it? It is strong money although would assume most of the price has gone into the leather watch cover and case (which from memory are handmade in NZ). I'd certainly want to see more customisation to the watch itself for that sort of dough. Wonder how they'll sell...

2012-01-30, 20:58
I will be watching the site to see when (if) they sell out. As for buying one - I couldn't possibly comment :D

2012-01-30, 22:48
It's nice to see something a bit different, and it looks like a quality product, but I have to say that the price is a bit stiff for me once you add on the shipping and customs charges.

2012-01-30, 23:40
i just dont see how g shocks and sheep wranglers go together but, when there is a market anything goes i guess. not saying its not a nice watch but at the prices your talking about definetly not worth it....