View Full Version : Does casio make a military style watch with titanium case?

2012-01-31, 15:03
I have seen a couple that say that the case is titanium, then I find another place that says its not. I just want a military style casio that has as much titanium on the watch itself (not the band) as possible. As I do a lot of work in salt water.

The PAW1500T-7V Pathfinder was perfect, until I read somewhere that the case is resin and not titanium...

2012-01-31, 19:53
If you want an all titanium G-Shock your best bet is probably the GW-200 Frogman (http://www.g-shockzone.com/content.php?115-GW-200Z-Final-Frogman-Review) - this is an older model but is still readily available new and used. Your best bet is probably eBay, check our auction watch to see GW-200 Frogman listed on eBay (http://www.g-shockzone.com/auctionresults.php?search=(GW20*,GW-20*,GW22*,GW-22*)&cat=watch#result). This model has a titanium case, titanium screwback and resin band and bezel. The GW-200MS 'Men in Rusty Black' Frogman is a military styled model although there are plenty of others which would probably suit. The Frogman is a big chunky watch so might be good to try one first if you can - not sure if the bulk will be a good or bad thing for you.

G-Shock GW-200MS Frogman

The newer GWF-1000 Frogman has a stainless case and screwback.

You could also look at the Gulfman range which consists of the G-9100 and GW-9110. These are Casio's 'marine' G-shocks, both feature a tide graph along with a titanium case back. However both have resin cases if this is an issue for you.

G-Shock G-9100 Gulfman

2012-01-31, 19:53
Oh, and let us know what you decide on :)

2012-02-01, 02:41
Will do. I really like some of the pathfinders. Are they are strong as the G-shocks? I know G-shocks are legendary for their toughness. Do the pathfinders fall under those?

2012-02-01, 14:43
The Pathfinders are cool indeed, some are pretty large though. They are not as tough as the G-shocks nor do they fall under the G-shock range. However whether in real life a pathfinder will be tough enough depends on exactly what you're doing.