View Full Version : Recommended G-Shock sellers?

2012-01-31, 22:45
Trying to put together a wiki entry with recommended G-Shock sellers > Where to buy G-Shock . Please post up here with who you have used successfully :)

2012-01-31, 23:57
Excellent idea. I'll be keeping a close eye on this tread! :encouragement:

2012-02-01, 14:44
According to my own experience :
* CreationWatches.com (located at Singapore which looks like an American site). Tested twice. Fast and often cheap.
* JoynetMall.com (Tokyo). Tested once only. Seems to be serious.

2012-02-01, 14:52
Cheers for those, article updated.

2012-02-01, 17:14
I have used these two sources recently and have been very happy with price and quick shipping:



2012-02-11, 05:15
mywatcheshub.com and watches-bay.com, both websites are made by the same company, who also operates on eBay under the watches-bay username. These guys have a physical store located in Singapore. Tested once, buying a NY0054 from them for a cousin who lives in Singapore. Watch arrived the very next day. On that other forum the feedback for these guys are varied, but I'd say the less satisfying transactions are due to them getting too many orders. Price is often too good to be true on most of the Casio/Seiko selection.

2012-02-11, 05:42
used only one time, but would buy from again...

Chino Watch Co. I don't know the exact web addy but if you type in chino watch into google it should pop up on top.

interesting thing, I had no idea who or what this company was about. I was looking on eBay for a watch I wanted. found another Japan based company selling that watch but I looked under their feedback for any buyers in the US. found two, emailed them asking if the company is legit and if all functions worked. very cool dood said he had just sold that one but was looking to replace it. suggested CWC. he was the person that recommended Chino Watch. so I looked for all the reviews I could find in regards to CWC. all positive! I thanked him tremendously bc the customer service was fantastic. ordered on Friday PM. arrived in CA, USA Tuesday about noon.

I kno I kno, "cool story bro." haha. just very happy and would like for CWC to be known.

have a great night everyone!