View Full Version : Negative or Positive Display?

2012-02-05, 21:52
Been a bit of discussion on various threads about positive vs negative displays recently. Which do you prefer and why?!?

2012-02-07, 05:09
Well, I don't really care for them as I get older. Had a hard time finding a new King to buy, and the only one available at the time -- and still today -- was the GX56-!A


I really love the watch but as far as catching the time in a quick glance is almost impossible :(

2012-02-07, 12:33
Negative or Positive display as choices are not enough.
It would like to answer the third option : both :rolleyes: Because both are nice and everybody may change according to the situation.

2012-02-07, 13:11
My collection consists of mostly negative displays already. So, I every time I strap on a positive, I am reminded how much I appreciate it. The negative may look cooler, but the positive display beats it out marginally due to that added functionality of its lcd... at least in my mind.