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2012-02-06, 11:55
What aRe yoU Wearing this week :cool:

Started the week with something new, got to get better pics of this later


MTG-900FBJ 'Ultimate Force' > http://product-search.casio.jp/wat/g-shock/watch_detail.php?m=MTG-900FBJ-1JR&n=1262

2012-02-06, 19:04
MT-G, very posh!

Drilling and getting dirty today so time for a tough but potentially disposable cheapie. What better than this Riceman:


Not just a Chinese copy Riseman but an M&S Chinese copy Riseman ...

Actually works quite well even though it looks like s*** on the wrist. If I weren't aware of G-Shocks this might prove to be a reasonable watch. to me it is like a fourth or fifth generation photocopy, still recognisable but the details blurred, contrast low and overall crispness lost. Not worked out all the mode yet though have found how the altimeter works - if your hand is down by your side then it is about 1 metre above whatever height your feet are at now. If your arm is held vertically then the height is roughly two metres above your feet and someone may notice your upraised hand and ask you what you want. If you can get the height of where you are from them and add two metres - job done!

Next job is to crack the "sput" function :D

2012-02-06, 19:26
Same as yesterday just got a new smartphone I've been playing with that or should I sayits been playing with me 1811 a tutorial of how to install the Casio app would help me if any1 knows how to install it

2012-02-06, 19:50
@macspite The Percy Pigs x St Michael x FakeShock Riceman looks a beaut. Dig the hourly chime icon.

@Sean. Which phone do you have? There is a tutorial in the wiki for installing the android app > How to install the G-Shock Japan android app , it's a little involved though. Think if you have an iphone it's easier, disavowed has installed the app on his I believe.

2012-02-06, 22:41
@ruteger-im pretty sure its an adroid powered phone its a samsung g2x when i go to download it its all in chinese? is it supposed to be like that or is there a way to change it over to american yet???

2012-02-07, 04:02
Hello gentlemen. Started the week with the GW-200 Frog


Pretty sure it will still be on the wrist Tuesday, too :)

2012-02-07, 08:51
@mitsudriver - Cool Frog :encouragement:

Gone for the G-9100 Gulfman here


2012-02-07, 08:55
@ruteger-im pretty sure its an adroid powered phone its a samsung g2x when i go to download it its all in chinese? is it supposed to be like that or is there a way to change it over to american yet???

Yeah, looks like the G2X is android.

The app in the android market (in the UK at least) i think is related to the upcoming GB-6900 Bluetooth G-Shock. It does seem to be Japanese language only and doesn't do anything on my android phone at all, just displays a pop up message then closes.

To install the Japanese Android app which gives the G-Shock widget, wallpaper, launcher and twitter app is a bit involved. Main thing is 'rooting' your android phone which is beyond any discussion here (plus I've no idea how to root a g2x). There's every potential for really messing up your mobile so I'd advise caution.

2012-02-07, 21:51
Been home for two hours and only just stopped shivering! Been at work since 0800 outside in the cold with the benefit of a keen wind adding to the fun. Sense of humour failure around 1600 when feeling in hands was lost. Left Eastbourne at 18:15, car outside temp was showing as -5 C.

Back with a real Casio today, an old G-2500 from Israel where it was used by an IDF member. Worn but still like the look of it. It may not show too well in the picture but it is a dark military green


I've been red-carded by Roger the Post, tomorrow the sorting office is open to 20:00 so I will make the effort to be back in time to claim whatever the package may contain - is it a new watch from Japan, a new watch from the Antipodes, two pre-owned from the States or the one I bought on eBay yesterday while working on a station ? (damn those smartphones, make spending money too easy)
Got a mail from the vendor about thirty minutes after I had bought it to say it had been packed and posted and was on its way from Guernsey!

2012-02-08, 09:07
That G-2500 looks to have seen some action! Any markings or stamps on the caseback to back up the military claim?

Look forward to seeing what the Postman brings ;)

Gone for the G-5500 today.


2012-02-08, 20:38

Got this on. Thanks to the wiki for the repainting tutorial

2012-02-08, 21:06
Nice work on the repaint :cool:

2012-02-08, 22:55
Will check g-2500 for military markings tomorrow, just got into bed and it's too cold to get out again! Thought I would join the positive v. negative debate with this:


Picked up my Emission:Improbable from the sorting office this evening, got home and there was another red card on the mat - that will have to wait until Saturday.


2012-02-09, 10:19
Positive and negative on the same watch. Ticks a few boxes :D

Nice DW-290 :)

Gone with the GX-56 today


2012-02-09, 19:12
Gone for the G-5500 today.


awww, i like that one! that looks great. what are some of the specs?

thanks in advance. still trying to figure out all the numbers and letters :encouragement:

2012-02-09, 19:19
heres what im wearing for Thursday, Feb. 9 2012...


...and probably for the next month at least...haha.

2012-02-09, 19:54
Mudman is looking great :encouragement: How you getting on with it?

awww, i like that one! that looks great. what are some of the specs?

thanks in advance. still trying to figure out all the numbers and letters :encouragement:

Cheers :) It's a G-5500MC-8JF part of the jamin color range from the mid 90s, as you can see it's kind of a snow / urban camo. Tough solar only on this one with a negative display. They also did a G-5500MC-5


Same deal but positive display and 'jungle' camo. Also a few other in the Jamin Color range in the DW-6900 series.

2012-02-09, 21:01
Here's an easy one for those still learning the numbering - a classic DW-6900 - genuine and not one of those horrible fake Bapes that infest eBay. Like the bape this has writing on the strap - "G-Shock is dedicated to the soul foot in motion" but there is no fancy engraqved back. DW-6900H-4 (4 is code for the red colour). This particular model quite common in Germany, less so in the UK.


Gave myself a nice easy day today (I get given a block of work and schedule the route to the various sites and amount of work to do). Having spent some time in the cold of the first part of the week today was really warm, +2 degrees and, for the morning at least, sunny. Very pleasant standing on station platforms in East Sussex and setting up new smartcard reader/writers.

Last job of the day at Glynde station, just east of Lewes, itself a few miles east of Brighton. Note the time - stopped for a late breakfast and was still home by 15:45 - mind you had been up since 05:30 ...


The horrible green colour of my skin isn't infectious, it's just the reflection of the green painted girders of the bridge I'm standing on :D

2012-02-10, 00:09
Nice day in new york so I wore this today


2012-02-10, 02:12
rutteger ~ that is sweeet! might have to look into that model closer...
my GW9300 is doing fantastic. got all my functions down and for the first time last night got her to sync atomically! now i know everything works!

macspite ~ you had me LoL with your green skin comment. very funny. and great DW-6900!

2012-02-10, 09:17
@Sean - Dee & Ricky looks great
@TZA - Glad you're getting the functions down on the Mudman. When you have them figured out can you give me a tutorial ;)
@macspite - Is green skin not a sign of lack of vitamin C? Or is that scurvy?

I digress. Anyhow snowmeggedon has struck the UK once again. We must have a good 1cm dusting here which inevitably will lead to gridlock. Fortunately my commute is short so I made it into work although I'm not looking forward to the 5 minute walk to the shop later to panic buy bread.

Started the day with the recently acquired DW-5600BL.


In between purchase and arrival had some unwelcome expense so kind of thought this would end up a flip given it was a bit of an impulse buy. It is, check the classifieds. 120s later the Mudman was back on.


2012-02-10, 12:19
@rutteger - skin turning green, if accompanied by swelling of muscles and clothes ripping apart is Banner syndrome. Maybe it wasn't a reflection at all but me being slightly irritated at something ...

Anyway, back to snow! Great drive today to East Sussex using country roads. Trees with the top half of limbs, branches and twigs snow covered, dark brown below. Sun beginning to rise and most traffic seemed to have stayed home. Wore another "sit on the fence in the great positive/negative debate" watch.


2012-02-10, 12:25
Went to this...
From this...

2012-02-10, 13:00
Welcome redcrow, two fine Casios there :)

2012-02-10, 19:48
Today I have been wearing this:
Although a few days ago I was wearing this on the other side of the world:

2012-02-11, 03:50
This past week I have been mostly wearing this one:
http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7174/6818815679_9b18d19bc5_z.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/geoshocker/6818815679/)
IMG_2110 (http://www.flickr.com/photos/geoshocker/6818815679/) by GeoShocker (http://www.flickr.com/people/geoshocker/), on Flickr

Forgot to post an unboxing thread here but did so on WUS ;)

2012-02-11, 13:06
@agentzigzag - Two great Gs. That beach looks very appealing right now, where was it? Not Southend I guess ;)

@GTR83 - Congrats on the new Frog, looks awesome. Will have to check that unboxing thread later :)

Gone with the DW-5025B today


2012-02-11, 14:20
Back to an old favourite, my GW-500, the watch I wear when there may be a chance of hard work. Not too bad today, to the sorting office then to Parcel Farce, down to the community centre to help with loading a trailer - just completed as I arrived :D Then up to one of the military vehicle club's storage areas to unload the stage flats that the trailer was laden with - Widow Twankey's house will become part of a french village in time for our show. Coffee in Costa, buy a watch on eBay while sitting there (damn smartphones!) and score some CR-2016s for today and some upcoming battery changes.



2012-02-12, 03:36

2012-02-12, 20:14
Awesome Krink :)

Frog again here..