• Casio F-91WC-9AEF 'Bright' Review

    Casio F91W Yellow
    Something a little different today, a Casio but not a G-Shock. The Casio F91W has been the one of the stalwarts of Casio’s lineup since 1991. The F91W is very much a utility watch, being sported by people from all walks of life. As with many things with long production runs the F91W is now viewed by many as iconic. Further these models have recently found favour amongst urban hipsters and Casio are looking to build on this by releasing a range of F91W’s in neon colours aka ‘the bright’ range.
    First impressions were coloured slightly by my recent review of the rather large G-Shock GDF-100, in comparison the F91W seems rather small – which to be honest it is. This is the sort of watch many will have owned at school, myself included.

    Headline features are as follows
    • Water Resisit
    • Backlight
    • Stopwatch
    • Alarm
    Not super exciting stuff but you don’t buy this for advanced features. As mentioned above this is very much a utility item. It tells the time and that’s about it.
    The watch is very comfortable to wear, as you might expect, being thin and lightweight. There is a comparison shot below with a GW-M5600 and a wrist shot. Reviews out on the ‘net mention the strap might not be super durable which seems likely given its lightweight. However at the F91W price point it’s almost cheaper to buy a new watch than strap.


    • Cheap
    • Reliable
    • Light
    • Small
    To sum up you will either ‘get’ the F91W in the neon colours or not. If you do you may as well buy one, they are pretty cheap coming in at GBP£15 or USD$15.

    F91W yellow

    G-Shockzone Rating 7.5/10
    This particular model is available on amazon.co.uk, amazon.com, ebay.co.uk and ebay.com.

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