• Casio announce G-Shock GW-9300 Mudman

    Casio G-Shock GW-9300 MudmanFollowing on from the news we brought you last week about the upcoming release of the G-Shock G-9300 Mudman Casio Japan have announced the G-Shock GW-9300 Mudman, the multiband 6 version of the new Mudman. Along with a temperature sensor and compass the watch features multiband 6 atomic time sync and is of course mud and shock resistant. The watch is set for release on 30th June. Looking forward to getting hold of this model for review - looks a classic in the making.

    Full details (translated from the Japanese) via Casio Japan.

    Casio, impact resistance watch "G-SHOCK" from mud structure with a dust-proof "MUDMAN (Madman)" as a new product, an internal temperature sensor and a magnetic sensor can measure the orientation and temperature [ GW-9300] released on the 30th June.

    "G-SHOCK" Since then launched in 1983, based on structural features and superior impact resistance, the design has continued to evolve.Intended for use in harsh environments Among the "Master of G (Master of G)" series, which has gained popularity as a model for the evolution of toughness performance.

    We will guide you ] [GW-9300 is intended for use in harsh environments such as deserts and jungles, and the plastic cover parts of the button, a new dust-proof barriers to enter the mud is dirt and mud inside the watch structure with a "Master of G" series "MUDMAN" is. In particular, for the pursuit of reliability and functionality required by the rally cars run through the desert for several days.

    Just one push button at the big three every mode even though the clock, measuring the orientation. In a few situations like the desert was a target, you can immediately see the direction your facing. The circle-shaped LCD window at the side of 10, displays a graphic indicating the four cardinal points.
    And when the bivouac during the rally, as well as can be known by measuring temperature changes in the environment in the desert intense differences of temperature day and night, so graphically displays moon phases small window in the side at 9, the day It is also possible to act on that understanding the moonlight night. Of course, in the measurement of time required in the rally race car is 1,000 hours 計Reru 1 / 100 second stopwatch mounted. While progress is measured over a long time, stuck to the practical orientation and temperature can be measured simultaneously. Solar-powered "Tough Solar" and corresponding to six standard radio stations worldwide, "Multi-Band 6" is provided.

    The band, by incorporating carbon fibers sealed in plastic, ruggedized "カーボンファイバーインサートバンド" adopted. Design technology and proprietary performance toughness, by fusing electronics own, such as digital display and sensors, and watch solar radio shock embody the superior functionality and reliability for use in conditions tough.

    Model name
    Release Date
    Monthly number of initial
    35,000 yen (36,750 yen including tax)
    June 30
    3,000 pcs

    "The main specifications of the new product"

    Structure Shock resistant, dust-proof construction of mud
    Performance 20 ATM water resistant
    Direction measurement Azimuth orientation angle 16 (0 ° ~ 359 °) measurement, continuous measurement direction (20 seconds)
    Graphic compass display, memory bearing (angle of orientation, memory, a graphic indicating the direction of the recording), magnetic declination compensation, orientation correction
    Temperature measurement Measuring range: -10 ~ ℃ 60
    Moon Data Shape of the moon age display
    Received signal JJY (Japan): 40kHz (Hukushima station) / 60kHz (Bureau of Kyushu),
    WWVB (USA): 60kHz, MSF (UK): 60kHz,
    DCF77 (Germany): 77.5kHz, BPC (Tyuugoku): 68.5kHz
    How radio receiver Automatic reception (six times / day, only China five times / day), manual receive
    World Time 48 cities (31 time zones, daylight saving time setting function) + UTC (Universal Time Coordinated) time display, UTC direct call function
    Stopwatch 1 / 100 second measurement, a total of 1,000 hours, with a split
    Timer In set: 1 minute, set up: 24 hours, measured in seconds
    Alarm This five alarm (snooze function with only one book), Times
    Other Features Battery indicator displays, Full automatic, switchable 12/24 hour display, Beep ON / OFF switching function, EL Backlight (full auto EL light with afterglow function, switching afterglow time: 1.5 seconds / 3.0 seconds)
    Power source Tough Solar (solar charge system)
    Continuous operating time Power saving state about 22 months (when fully charged)
    turn off the display to save power after a certain time in the dark.
    Size 53.0 × 50.8 × 18.2 mm
    Mass 68.5 g
    Comments 2 Comments
    1. dkpw's Avatar
      dkpw -
      Thanks for that update, it looks to be fully featured and not bad looking. Only slight drawback for me is the emphasis Casio seem to put with red accents, which are not my favourites. It'll be interesting to see, when you get your hands on it, how stiff those buttons are.
    1. John's Avatar
      John -
      Indeed, the buttons will be interesting given the comments about the G-Shock G-9000 button stiffness. Will people be boiling up their new G-Shock G-9300 and GW-9300 Mudman watches to soften the buttons
      Quite like the red accents, bit of a G-Shock trademark imho. If it's anything like other Master G-Shocks they'll be bringing out various special in no time anyhow.
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