• How to decode your G-Shock model number

    Ever wonder what the little hang tag that comes with your G-Shock means? Find out here. These tables attempt to decode what the full model number of a G-Shock means. This table has been built on the excellent work of the mysterious 'Buddha-G' along with trawling of the G-Shock Perfect Search. Any corrections or updates please comment or get in touch here.

    Full G-Shock Model Number

    GW - M 5600 BC - 1 A JF
    Type Code - Model Prefix Model Number Model Suffix - Color Order Market
    Note not all groups will necessarily be present. For example most G-Shock typically have a full model number of the format Type Code-Model Number-Colour Market (eg. GX-56-4DR). Typically if Order code is present Market code will not be.

    Full G-Shock Model Number Decoded

    Type Code
    AW Analogue Water resistant
    AWG Analogue Water resistant ?
    BG Baby-G
    DW Digital Water resistant
    GA G-Shock Cool
    GC G-Shock Cool
    GD ?
    GDF ?
    GL G-Lide
    GLX G-Lide X
    GRX G-Ride X
    GS Giez
    GW G-Shock Waveceptor
    GWF G-Shock Waveceptor F
    GX G-Shock eXtra
    GXW G-Shock eXtra 'Jiekkusushirizu' Waveceptor
    MRG Majestic Reality G-Shock
    MTG Metal Twisted G-Shock
    WW Wide temp Water resistant
    Model Prefix
    M Multiband Waveceptor
    Model Number
    xxxx Far too numerous to list! Can be one, three or four digits.
    Model Suffix *Special model suffixes (collaborations and limited editions) in seperate table
    B ?
    BC ?
    C sCrewback
    G ?
    J ?
    L Leather band
    T Titanium
    Color For metal Gs believe this code indicate face color
    On certain Gs indicates highlight colour
    1 Black
    2 Blue
    3 Green
    4 Orange or Red
    5 Brown
    6 Purple
    7 White
    8 Grey
    9 Yellow or Gold
    Order Unsure as to significance of this code
    A ?
    B ?
    C ?
    DR Export, non Japanese Domestic Market (JDM)
    J JDM
    JF JDM

    Special Model Suffixes

    Special Editions Special model suffix denotes Casio special editions
    BK real BlacK
    CF Brazillian Frogman
    CS Crazy Colors (Kureijikarazu)
    EW Green Colours
    GB Black x Gold
    HC Hyper Color
    NB Metallic Colours
    PS Play Set (inc G-Shock figure)
    RD Burning Red
    TC Triple Crown
    Z Jazz
    Men In Series Special model suffix denotes Men In Series
    BP Men in dark Purple
    P men in ice white
    R men in Rescue orange
    MS Men in ruSty black
    Collaborations Special model suffix denotes Collaboration
    BKC Brooklyn Circus
    BN Blue Note
    K I.C.E.R.C.
    KR Krink (graffiti ink)
    VT ?
    WC WCCS - World Coral Reef Conservation Society

    v1.4 20110531 - © G-Shockzone
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