• Upcoming G-Shock Men In Dark Purple Series

    As announced in the March 2011 new releases Casio are releasing another 'Men In Series' based on their Master of G series, this time it's 'Men In Dark Purple'. Check out these pic via Japanese site unbar.jp. The full line up is as follows

    • GWF-1000BP-1JF Frogman
    • GW-9200BPJ-1JF Riseman
    • GW-9010BP-1JF Mudman
    • GW-9110BP-1JF Gulfman
    GWF-1000BP-1JF Frogman
    GWF-1000BP-1JF Frogman

    GW-9200BPJ-1JF Riseman
    GW-9200BPJ-1JF Riseman

    GW-9110BP-1JF Gulfman
    GW-9110BP-1JF Gulfman

    GW-9010BP-1JF Mudman
    GW-9010BP-1JF Mudman
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    1. dkpw's Avatar
      dkpw -
      Very nice - but is there a purple square G?
    1. rutteger's Avatar
      rutteger -
      The Men In Series is generally (always?) restricted to the Master of G line, so no square in this series.

      There are purple square G, have you considered the GX56-DGK
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