• Real world pictures of the G-Shock GW-9300-1JF Mudman

    Further to the news we brought you about the upcoming release of the all new G-Shock GW-9300-1JF Mudman some of the first 'real world' pictures of the Mudman have appeared online. The pictures are courtesy of Japanese online retailer Watch-Tanaka who are retailing the GW-9300-1JF at 25725 Yen (USD$320 or GBP$196) a significant saving over the stated retail of 36740 Yen. Unfortunately Watch-Tanaka don't ship internationally but let's hope this will give a guide as to what sort of price the Mudman will be available for.

    So onto the pictures, it's certainly looks to be a worthy carrier of the Mudman mantle, should be a popular item. Of particular interest is the compass dial and carbon keeper. Enjoy

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    wruw monday 7-28-14

    Haha! We are only jesting Ron, Each to his own tho guys, he is a brother of G's so live and let live

    Dakar Yesterday, 19:01 Go to last post

    wruw monday 7-28-14

    OMG Dakar he spoke to you!!! That is awesome dude, Tom had me convinced he was a robot. Good to know, I just wish he would communicate more with everybody

    vade_R Yesterday, 18:52 Go to last post

    wruw monday 7-28-14

    Haha! Yup...can see that ok. Ron was kind enough to help me earlier today with an answer to a neg display query so I'm positive he is real

    Dakar Yesterday, 17:59 Go to last post

    wruw monday 7-28-14

    Can you guys see this re-post of Ron's wristie...?

    Maybe Ron is secretly communicating with me as I'm the only one who can

    Sengyoku Yesterday, 17:54 Go to last post
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