• Red Bull Racing x Edifice EQW-A1000RB-1AJR - Sept '11 New Release

    Casio Japan have announced a new addition to the all new Edifice EQW-A1000 lineup, news of which we brought you back in April. The latest model is a collaboration with Formula 1 outfit Red Bull Racing, the Edifice EQW-A100RB-1AJR. The EQW-A1000RB features a Red Bull Racing logo to the dial, Red Bull color scheme and limited edition box set packaging. It also of course features all the functionality of the regular AQW-A1000 including tough solar, multiband 6 and the innovative Smart Access system.

    Price will be 59,850, should be available from Japan later this month. No word on numbers as yet but expect this to be limited!

    Thanks to Casio Japan for the news
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    1. macspite's Avatar
      macspite -
      Just had a quick look at a couple of Japanese shopping sites, even though this is the equivalent of over 700 dollars so probably around 550 in the UK it seems to be sold out. Obviously a load of pre-orders as it hasn't yet been released! Nothing on eBay yet.(For non-UK residents for most internationally available goods in the UK the price is more than you would expect from doing a simple currency rate exchange)
    1. rutteger's Avatar
      rutteger -
      No surprise I suppose, there are a lot of F1 fans out there!
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