• Baby-G October 2011 New Releases

    Casio Japan have pulled out all the stops for the Baby-G October 2011 drop with fourteen new models. The main news is the Rebecca Minkoff x Baby-G BGA-125RM-1AJR collaboration and all new metal cased and multiband 6 sporting MSA-5100 range. The remaining releases see new colorways for the Baby-G MSG-302, Baby-G BG-3000, Baby-G BG-5601, Baby-G BGA-1200, Baby-G BGD-1100, Baby-G BGD-1300 and Baby-G BLX-301 lines. The pick for G-Shockzone are the new blue BG-5601-2JF, multiband 6 BGD-1100 and surf inspired yellow BLX-301. Pics and pricing below -

    Baby-G BG-3000-1CJF - •12075

    Baby-G BG-3000-3JF - •12075

    Baby-G BG-5601-1BJF - •8925

    Baby-G BG-5601-2BJF - •8925

    Baby-G BGA-1200C-8BJF - •34650

    Rebecca Minkoff x Baby-G BGA-125RM-1AJR - •29400

    Baby-G BGD-1100-8JF - •19000

    Baby-G BGD-1300-8JF - •19000

    Baby-G BLX-101-3JF - •12600

    Baby-G BLX-101-9JF - •12600

    Baby-G MSA-5100CBJ-5AJF - •44100

    Baby-G MSA-5100CJ-7AJF - •42000

    Baby-G MSG-302C-8BJF - •21000

    Baby-G MSG-302CB-1BJF - •25200

    Thanks to baby-g.jp for the news
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