• Casio Japan announce Bluetooth enabled G-Shock GB-6900

    Casio Japan have officially announced the release of the Bluetooth v4.0 enabled G-Shock GB-6900 smartphone compatible watches. These models were previewed early this year and various information has reached us here at G-Shockzone since, however Casio has confirmed they will hit retailers in Japan 'late December'.

    The main features of the G-Shock GB-6900 are as follows

    *Sync watch time to smartphone time

    *Audio and vibrate alert on watch for on incoming SMS

    *Audio and vibrate alert on watch for on incoming call

    *2 year battery life (assuming connected 12 hours per day)

    *Alert for dropped bluetooth link

    ..and possibly more features once we see an English language version of the press release. Initially the GB-6900 is compatible with smartphones on Japanese network Docomo and Softbank - hopefully we will see more widespread compatibility in 2012.

    The line up consists of three models, the black G-Shock GB-6900-1JF, the red G-Shock GB-6900-4JF and the white G-Shock GB-6900-7JF. All three will retail at 18900 which is approx USD$250 or GBP160.

    Full Specification from Casio Japan

    Structure Shock structure
    Performance 20 water pressure
    Communication specification Communication Standard Bluetooth V4.0
    Communication specification
    Communication distance
    ~ 2m (changing environment)
    Communication specification
    Communication function
    Time correction
    Modified to fit the time information of smart phone
    Communication function Missed Call Notification Watch with alarm and alarm display incoming SMS Incoming mail for smartphones
    Communication function Finder feature Activate the alarm or vibration at the touch of a button on smart watches
    Clock function Alarm This five alarm (sound emission, vibration switching function, one-time alarm, daily alarm switching function), hourly
    Clock function Stopwatch Total 1 / 100 sec, 24 total, with a split
    Clock function Timer In set: 1 minute, set up: 24 hours, measured in seconds
    Clock function World time 100 cities in the world (35 time zones, daylight saving time setting function) + UTC (Universal Time Coordinated) time display
    Clock function Light LED backlight (Super Illuminator with afterglow function)
    Clock function Other Features Full Auto Calendar, 12/24 hour display switching
    Using the power CR2032
    Battery life About two years (when used 12 hours a day communication function)
    Size 53.2 50.0 17.7mm
    Mass About 64g

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