• November 2011 Baby-G New Releases

    Casio Japan have been busy - November 2011 sees them dropping 15 new Baby-G models! The main news is the release of the Baby-G BGD-140 range, the Baby-G BGA-133 range, news of which we brough you earlier this month, the Baby-G BGA-107 range AND Baby-G BGA-140/141 range! The remainder are new colorways for existing ranges. Some strong models here, some less strong which may turn out to be JDM only releases. Enjoy pics below !
    Baby-G BGD-140-1BJF - 12600

    Baby-G BGA-107-1BJF - 15750

    Baby-G BGA-133-1BJF - 14175

    Baby-G BGA-133-1BJF - 14175

    BGA-133-7BJF - 14175

    Baby-G BGA-140-7BJF - 15750

    Baby-G BGA-141-1BJF - 16800

    Baby-G BGA-141-5BJF - 16800

    Baby-G BGA-200-1E2JF - 13650

    Baby-G BGA-200-7E4JF - 13650

    Baby-G BGD-140-1AJF - 12600

    Baby-G BGD-140-4JF - 12600

    Baby-G BGD-140-7AJF - 12600

    Baby-G BGD-140-7BJF - 12600

    Baby-G BLX-100-1EJF - 12600

    News via Casio Japan of course
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