• X-Large x G-Shock GA-110 20th Anniversary

    X-Large Japan have teamed up with G-Shock to bring this X-Large x G-Shock GA-110 out to celebrate 20 years of being top primate. The watch features X-Large logos, Gorilla engraved caseback and custom packaging. This could be THE primate themed G-Shock collaboration to go for Available for pre-order from zozo as of 2nd December > http://zozo.jp/news/20121121_5246775.html. Price will be 16800 which is approx USD$215, GBP135 and EUR155.

    Thanks to G-Street for the tip
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    1. macspite's Avatar
      macspite -
      As it says - an iconic G-Shock with an ape engraved on the back that, for the moment at least, is actually made by Casio! Like the monochrome with just a splash of colour, nice contrast to my other Hypers.And these GA-110s are worth getting just for the fun of setting the hands and watching them whiz round the dial like the "time passing" cliche shots in old films.

      UPDATE: Just been on the zozo website and it says that they are no longer accepting reservations!
    1. rutteger's Avatar
      rutteger -
      Is it available on the zozo international site? Be interesting to try and order from there at some point.Agree it's a cool collab and is certainly more exclusive than other simian based ones
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