• G-Shock smartphone previews at CES 2012

    G-Shock android smartphone Casio have previewed a G-Shock smartphone at CES 2012 in Las Vegas. The phone looks to have all the essential G-shock DNA with a rugged appearance and shock resistance. The new models looks to be a step on from Casios previous attempt at a rugged phone the G'zone.
    Although only a pre-production prototype the phone appears to feature the following
    *Android OS - we really hope they stick with Android!
    *Shock resistant to 10 feet
    *Water resistant to 1.0 bar = 10m !
    *Pressure resustant to 1.0 bar
    *Metal caseback
    *Plastic / resin construction
    *Camera and flash

    Further pictures below, hopefully this will get a worldwide release soon, previous Casio offerings haven't been seen much out of Japan and the US.

    More CES 2012 news here - hands on with the Bluetooth G-Shock GB-6900.

    Thanks to http://news.mynavi.jp for the news
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    1. rutteger's Avatar
      rutteger -
      Just found more details on a English language site (details above via Japanese language sites). Apparently the phone is a proof of concept and as such Casio are still yet to decide if it will go into production. Target market is apparently the US.

      Let's hope Casio take this to production and release worldwide
    1. BoroGTI's Avatar
      BoroGTI -
      actually really like that! wont hold my breath for it though
    1. kabuba's Avatar
      kabuba -
    1. Harii_up's Avatar
      Harii_up -
      Ima give away my iphone 4s if i get one of these
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