• G-shockzone G-Shock G-6900-1D giveaway - NOW CLOSED

    Next up for a G-Shockzone giveaway is the G-6900-1D model we have in for review currently. That's right, we're giving away a tough solar G-Shock G-6900-1D to one of our registered users! To enter you'll need to-
    *Register (if not done so already)
    *Introduce yourself here
    *Comment on this post (the G-shockzone G-Shock G-6900-1D giveaway post!).

    We'll draw a winner at random at the end of February. Please note one entry per user!

    Comments 111 Comments
    1. leif's Avatar
      leif -
      i'm from philippines, i'm looking for this watch especially the dw-6900 ms-1 and dw-6900 nb-7...
    1. GTR83's Avatar
      GTR83 -
      Never owned a 6900 before, very excited with this giveaway!
    1. macspite's Avatar
      macspite -
      A solar triple-eyed monster - excellent prize! Count me in
    1. Olivier's Avatar
      Olivier -
      A well known and appreciated G-Shock. Everybody should have one !
    1. sarahprince's Avatar
      sarahprince -
      I would love for my husband to have this, I told him his citizen one was a poc, it broke, I was right, told him he should have gotten one of these!
    1. iidatdudeii's Avatar
      iidatdudeii -
      thats a nice everyday watch .. i definetly need one of those .. hope i win!
    1. tough solar's Avatar
      tough solar -
      would make a nice addition in the collection!
    1. m4a1_90's Avatar
      m4a1_90 -
      i want this really bad!!!!
      hope I'll win
    1. seanobsdot's Avatar
      seanobsdot -
      nice 6900 which is one of the models i do not have, ill say a prayer tonight maybe my prayers will be answered
    1. kabuba's Avatar
      kabuba -
      excelente, yo quiero uno. soy fanatico de casio gshock toda la vida.
    1. simio's Avatar
      simio -
      Love the G-Shock series, is a really sturdy piece of art
    1. danuki's Avatar
      danuki -
      Quote Originally Posted by leif View Post
      i'm from philippines, i'm looking for this watch especially the dw-6900 ms-1 and dw-6900 nb-7...
      Hi friend,

      Im from the philippines too. Saw this @ SM dept store and casio outlet in Megamall. Hope this helps.
    1. nickyc's Avatar
      nickyc -
      I love this watch and love this site, I dont have any tough solars.
    1. rachelchi_beybe's Avatar
      rachelchi_beybe -
      hi there im a newbie here. im joining this cool giveaway,
    1. ebiharashun's Avatar
      ebiharashun -
      Nice watch. I hope i win!!!! Please enter me in this drawing for this watch please.
    1. 69onehundred's Avatar
      69onehundred -
      The 6900 design will always hold a special place in my heart as it was my first ever G! Stick my name down for the prize draw, please.
    1. TZA's Avatar
      TZA -
      this is fantastic! please enter me in the drawing for this watch. this will make a great addition to my collection.

    1. tel1969's Avatar
      tel1969 -
      Just got the G-Shock bug, have 2 xMudman G9000 (1 grey, 1 military green) & 1x GX-56GB-1 (black/gold) monster of a watch!
    1. sharkfin's Avatar
      sharkfin -
      Kudos for the great site & giveaway!
    1. r7ctr's Avatar
      r7ctr -
      Great idea big G Shock fan currently got a Giez & G511 always room for one more
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